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Trump shredded for sharing a tweet accusing Biden of being a pedophile

Trump shredded for sharing a tweet accusing Biden of being a pedophile

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The 2020 election is less than two months away and President Trump has yet to articulate a single compelling argument for his reelection. His disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has thoroughly demonstrated how unfit he is for leadership whereas Joe Biden has a track record of competent, compassionate leadership. For any American who cares about the future of their country, the choice is clear: Donald Trump has to go.

Unable to challenge Biden on the issues or focus on the virtually nonexistent accomplishments of the Trump administration, the president is going right into the gutter with his rhetoric, desperately flailing about as he tries to smear Biden. Today, he took this strategy to a disgusting new low.

Trump retweeted a conservative account with the hashtag “PedoBiden” and a GIF of Biden leaning in close to speak to Stephanie Carter,  the wife of Obama-era Secretary Ash Carter. As Mrs. Carter (who it should be noted is an adult woman) has already explained herself, the video/photo of the event has been used “misleadingly” and Biden was simply offering encouragement.

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Moving past how incredibly inappropriate it is for the President of the United States to baselessly accuse his political opponent of being a pedophile, there is a deep hypocrisy at play here. Trump has been accused by numerous women of sexual assault and rape, including that of a 13-year-old girl. As is often the case we see Trump engaging in the worst kind of projection. He himself is a sexual predator and so he’s decided to accuse his rival of being as one as well.

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There is also a strong possibility Trump shared this ludicrous tweet as a way of winking to QAnon, the group of deranged conspiracy theorists who have convinced themselves that the Democratic Party and much of the world is controlled by a cabal of Satanic pedophiles. If so, it’s just the latest confirmation of what many of us long ago realized: There simply is no bottom with this man.

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Many were quick to point out the irony in Donald Trump of all people accusing someone else of misconduct. Robert Maguire, Research Director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, tweeted about the heinous incident. He drew attention to the fact that Donald Trump has bragged in the past on the radio about invading the privacy of underage contestants at his beauty pageants. He would barge backstage where the girls were in various states of undress, something he felt entitled to do because he was the “owner.”

Maguire also included the now-infamous GIF of Trump partying with the late, monstrous arch-billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Joe Biden on the other hand was not a friend of Epstein’s because unlike Trump he doesn’t share Epstein’s unsavory interests.

It’s an oft-repeated refrain during the Trump era, but this is not normal. We should not accept a version of our political discourse where the president blithely accuses his opponent of one of the worst crimes imaginable. He has completely befouled the dignity of the Oval Office and while it’s as yet unclear if this country will ever be able to rebuild our reputation it is clear that there is one crucial step we must first take: electing Joe Biden to the presidency.

Other Twitter users were also understandably outraged by the president’s tweet. Some decided to use the #TrumpIsAPedo hashtag to get back at him. While perhaps crude, at least this hashtag has the possibility of being true given what we know about the allegations against the president.

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