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Reporter confronts McEnany: “If he’s a law and order president why does he keep breaking the law?”

Reporter confronts McEnany: “If he’s a law and order president why does he keep breaking the law?”

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More than just about anything else, Donald Trump loves to make up false claims about himself. He’s repeatedly insisted that he has been tough on Russia even as he bends over backward to appease Putin and fails to take substantive steps to prevent Russia from once again interfering in our elections. He insists that he wants to protect health insurance coverage for preexisting conditions even as his administration argues in court to overturn the Affordable Care Act which protects that selfsame coverage.

Perhaps most absurdly, Trump continues to claim that he’s the candidate of “law and order.” He regularly tweets about this idea, sometimes posting messages that simply say “LAW & ORDER,” as if such an inane form of messaging is going to be enough to convince anyone but the most intense MAGA zealots that he stands for these two principles.

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This is the same president who has since he first assumed office waged a war against our law enforcement agencies. We saw it in his firing of FBI Director James Comey and his attacks on Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This is the same man who has been accused by numerous women of sexual assault and rape. In fact, Donald Trump has such little regard for the law that he tried to strong-arm a foreign country into providing dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter, a gross abuse of power that resulted in his impeachment.

During a press briefing today, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany once again repeated the lie that Trump stands for “law and order.” Playboy’s White House correspondent Brian Karem felt compelled to speak up and ask her why, if Trump is a law an order president he continues to break the law. Not surprisingly, McEnany refused to respond to the question and quickly scurried out of the Briefing Room.

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