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Trump tweets disgusting smear that delivering a vaccine to save lives makes Democrats “sad”

Trump tweets disgusting smear that delivering a vaccine to save lives makes Democrats “sad”

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President Trump is treating COVID-19 not like the historic public health crisis it is but rather like any other campaign issue he has to contend with to maintain his greasy grip on the White House.

A real president would see that 200,00 Americans have died already and realize that a bipartisan approach to attacking this pandemic is the only way forward and that turning the outbreak into a Republican Vs. Democrat mud fight helps no one. For that matter, a real president wouldn’t have misled the American public about the risks of the coronavirus and would have taken bolder steps at the beginning to curb the spread.

Of course, Trump is not a real president in any sense of the word and in fact seems to be barely human. He knows that his bungling of the country’s COVID-19 response is going to hurt him in the coming election and believes that one way he can boost his poll numbers is to lie about what we can expect in the coming months.

By painting a rosy picture and promising a vaccine earlier than we can reasonably expect one he’s aiming to give us false hope. Just yesterday, he contradicted his CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield. Redfield told Congress that a vaccine could be ready by Quarter 2 or Quarter 3 of 2021 and Trump claimed during his press conference, without evidence, that the country can expect a vaccine much sooner. He’s lying to us again because he simply doesn’t care what happens to us, getting votes and staying in office is his sole animating force.

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Today, Trump tweeted that Democrats are “just ANGRY” that the “vaccine and delivery are so far ahead of schedule,” once again failing to provide evidence for his claim that the likely vaccine dispersal time frame has moved up. “They hate what there are seeing. Saving lives should make them happy, not sad!” he added, presenting a disgustingly distorted view of the Democrats’ feelings about the vaccine.

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It’s not that Democrats don’t want a vaccine sooner, it’s that they know Trump is lying about it like has lied about coronavirus every step of the way. Not only is Trump misleading the country about the vaccine, he’s using his own misleading statements to then go a step further and smear the Democrats. It’s utterly despicable and by now, unfortunately, hardly a surprise. He clearly cannot be trusted to lead us out of this disaster. We need President Joe Biden.

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