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Millionaire MSNBC host whines that Biden is “divisive” for using “Park Avenue” economic attack on Trump

Millionaire MSNBC host whines that Biden is “divisive” for using “Park Avenue” economic attack on Trump

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On Thursday night, Democratic nominee Joe Biden made a pitch to working-class voters at a CNN town hall, declaring that “I view this as a campaign between Scranton and Park Avenue.” Taking the side of blue-collar town Scranton against the uppity bourgeois enclave of Manhattan’s Park Avenue, home to some of the most expensive homes in an outrageously overpriced city, Biden was clearly drawing a contrast with alleged billionaire Donald Trump and his utter contempt for America’s working families.

But some of the wealthy members of the so-called “liberal media” immediately began clutching their pearls and bitching piteously about this effective and correct assessment of the 2020 election.

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle grew extremely angry at Biden’s fairly tame remarks, interpreting them as a personal attack on her, who worked her butt off for fourteen years helping European hedge funds set up the 2008 global market crash and now makes $2 million a year to publicly shame Democrats for any kind of talk that Wall Street might not appreciate.

“Joe Biden said yesterday is Scranton vs. Park Avenue. Why is he going for this divide and conquer approach? That’s Trump’s approach. I don’t live on Park Avenue, but I live pretty damn close, and I got there by working my butt off. He doesn’t want my vote?”

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This is your so-called “liberal” media, helmed by self-centered privileged elites who made their careers dismantling the social welfare states of poor Eastern European countries and will turn their backs on you the very second that you say one thing that might threaten their comfy lifestyle or raise their taxes or in any way even insinuate that their inevitably destructive life choices are anything but virtuous and commendable.

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The double standard here is outrageous. Donald Trump will casually accuse every single Black Lives Matter protestor of being a George Soros-funded Antifa thug that hungers for white suburban bloodshed and the media will frame it as “a law-and-order pitch” but the minute Joe Biden tries to correctly frame this election as a battle for the economic future of the American worker it’s all of a sudden toO diViSivE.

We should have all seen this coming from the appalling disrespect and seething contempt that the mainstream media treated Bernie Sanders and his message of economic justice, but it is still eye-opening to see this kind of reaction towards Joe Biden, the candidate that they ostensibly support, as he makes his pitch towards the working-class voters that helped usher Trump into office in the first place.

For a multi-millionaire to use her national platform to complain that Biden is being mean to her personally while millions of people are out of work and are struggling to make ends meet as their political leaders refuse to lift a finger to help them keep food on their table and a roof over their heads just goes to show how wildly out of touch the elites in this country are — and how desperately we need to do something about the people that present the news to us.

Unless of course, this is all a 4D-chess troll job designed to get more attention to Biden’s remarks and portray the fake news media as being an enemy of Joe Biden, in which case I say bien joue.

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