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Trump quickly refuses to answer a question about who poisoned Putin’s political rival

Trump quickly refuses to answer a question about who poisoned Putin’s political rival

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Donald Trump may wonder why his relationship with Russia is still under question after he’s told people so many times that there was “NO COLLUSION” with Vladimir Putin to help him steal the 2016 election.

It’s not like his unusual deference to the Kremlin leader in public gatherings of world leaders, or the seizure of the interpreter’s notes after their closed-door meetings together, or the refusal to hold Putin accountable for the reported Russian bounties paid to the Taliban for the dead bodies of American armed forces might raise suspicions or anything, right?

One must wonder what kind of signal the president thinks his rapid avoidance of a question about the Russian president’s possible involvement in the poisoning of his domestic political rival Alexei Navalny recently may be sending.

A White House correspondent managed to sneak an undesirable query to Trump about the subject today as the president was jetting off to another superspreader campaign event in Swanton, Ohio. (Remember to mark your calendar to check on the new infection rates in the state in 14 days.)

“Who do you think poisoned Alexei Navalny in Russia?” the reporter slipped in the question while Trump was speaking with the press before his departure.

Trump was taken aback by the unexpectedly pointed question.

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“Uhm,” Trump replied evasively. “We’ll talk about that at another time.”

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The government of America’s one-time ally, Germany, likely has an opinion on that matter, since they were the ones who confirmed that the mysterious illness that Navalny suddenly succumbed to on a flight back to Moscow from the central Russian city of Tomsk was in fact the result of “unequivocal evidence” of his poisoning “with a military-grade nerve agent from the Novichok family, a potent class of chemical weapon developed by the Soviet Union that was used at least once before in recent years in an attack on a Kremlin enemy,” as The New York Times recounted the story.

The Novichok poison is a “dangerous weapon” that the German government and Western intelligence agencies — at least those that are not being muzzled by proto-fascist presidents — have determined “that only the Russian government would likely have access to.”

Perhaps Trump deflected the question because he hasn’t finished reading the scientific literature outlining the development of the Novichok family of deadly nerve agents and double-checking the research of the German scientists who confirmed that Navalny was in fact slipped the normally-lethal chemical substance.

Or perhaps he didn’t want to face the consequences of criticizing the Russian president who may or may not have enough damaging info on the American president to ensure his defeat in this election as easily as he ensured his victory in the last one, as many people  allege.

Whatever his motive, it was clear that Trump was not going anywhere near that perfectly legitimate question anytime soon.

You can watch the president squirm his way out of that simple interrogatory in the video excerpt attached below.

In the meantime, avoid the poisoning of your mind by deceptive Russian social media campaigns and cast your vote for Joe Biden to get back to a time when Amercian presidents still had the moral authority — and the cojones — to call out murderous dictators.

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