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Chuck Schumer shreds McConnell on the floor of the Senate over Supreme Court vacancy

Chuck Schumer shreds McConnell on the floor of the Senate over Supreme Court vacancy

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is as horrified as the majority of Americans at not just the rank hypocrisy of Republicans seeking to ram through a replacement for the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg so close to the presidential election but also at the total lack of respect paid by the vulturous GOP senators to the dying wishes that Ginsburg expressed asking that her replacement be chosen by whoever wins the November presidential election.

Unlike the rest of us, however, Senator Schumer has the platform to badger and shame his Republican colleagues over their despicable behavior, despite the ultimate impotence of his party’s minority status in the chamber.

Schumer used the Senate floor to address the GOP and the nation, urging the application of a sense of decency and ideological consistency in the filling of the liberal justice’s seat on the bench while flanked by a large posterboard outlining what he calls “the McConnell Rule” that calls for the people’s voices to be heard in the selection of the next Supreme .

Starting with the premise that “By all rights, we should honor her dying wish,” the Minority Leader berated and cajoled his opposition in a likely futile effort to shame them into changing course, knowing full well that the nakedly subservient Republican senators will likely blindly support whatever nominee Donald Trump places in front of them.

You can watch Senator Schumer’s speech on the Senate floor in the video clip attached below.

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Sign the petition to tell Mitch McConnell: No vote on a new Supreme Court Justice until after inauguration!

While there is little past an interminable filibuster that can slow down the progress of a confirmation hearing and a full Senate vote on Trump’s eventual nominee — even with the much more urgent business of passing a stimulus bill to revive the moribund pandemic economy sitting idly in the docket — Schumer is making a valient effort despite the lack of power the Democrats’ minority status has left him with.

Only a massive show of public disgust with Republicans, manifested at the ballot box in November to deliver the Democrats a new majority in the Senate— along with the defeat of Donald Trump — can make a difference in a Supreme Court that could overturn Roe V. Wade and women’s reproductive freedom with a right-wing extremist majority in place.

Call your senators and insist that they only vote on a Supreme Court justice nominated by whoever wins the upcoming election.

Justice Ginsburg would have wanted it that way.

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