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Trump refuses to answer reporter after he challenges him on 200,000 virus deaths

Trump refuses to answer reporter after he challenges him on 200,000 virus deaths

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At least his press secretary tried to make it seem like Donald Trump actually cared about the new high watermark of American deaths that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused.

Kayleigh McEnany did her best to counter the probing and accusatory questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta and other White House correspondents about the new milestone of 200,000 fatalities in the United States during this pandemic when she held her daily press briefing today.

The president himself, however, undermined all of his press secretary’s carefully plotted efforts with one simple act as he took questions directly from supporters on the White House lawn before taking off for another rally in Pennsylvania that will likely turn into another superspreader event for the coronavirus.

It was a simple, but a necessary question that the reporter posed:

“Why haven’t you said anything about the U.S. hitting 200,000 deaths?”

Donald Trump’s response tells you everything that you need to know before you cast your ballot in the upcoming presidential election even though you likely don’t need any further confirmation of your political leanings at this stage of the most disastrous presidency in modern history — one in which Trump managed to collapse the economy in half the time that it took George W. Bush to accomplish that ignominious feat and exceed the number of American fatalities that took place on September 11th, 2001 by over 66 times.

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Trump’s response to the most obvious of questions? Essentially it was an unspoken “Go away, kid! You bother me” or “that’s a horrible question! I can’t believe you asked me that!” although as it spilled forth from the president’s lips it was reduced to “And, uhhhh, anybody else?” as he ineffectively tried to pretend that he didn’t even hear the question.

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Take a look for yourself in the video clip below.

Seriously, why isn’t the entire country up in arms over his callousness and indifference to such an enormous number of American deaths?

We’ll soon find out exactly how many people are tired of a president who can’t be bothered to even offer a word of condolence to the survivors of the plague victims, many of whom would still be alive if we had a competent and compassionate human being in the White House.

He simply cannot be gone fast enough. Make it happen people!

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