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Judge compels Eric Trump to testify about Trump Org’s fraud schemes

Judge compels Eric Trump to testify about Trump Org’s fraud schemes

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A New York Superior court judge just ruled against Eric Trump and stymied his efforts to keep from being deposed under oath during the presidential election in which his father is a candidate.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is pursuing Eric Trump’s testimony in a special civil investigation that could result in the Trump Organization’s dissolution alongside a “judgment of corporate death,” which should not be confused with the Manhattan DA’s separate criminal investigation into the company and its officers for tax fraud and other felonies or misdemeanors.

Last month, Attorney General James filed suit to compel Eric Trump’s testimony in court, which he didn’t want to give because of the pitiful excuse that “New York burns.” This week, the third Trump child changed his tune and blamed daddy’s re-election campaign for his lack of desire to testify under oath right now, claiming that he’s “too busy” working for it while also personally running the Trump Organization.

New York Supreme Court judge Arthur Engoron didn’t buy Trump’s thin excuses and ordered him to sit for sworn testimony, according to Courthouse News:

“This court finds [Eric Trump’s] application unpersuasive,” Justice Arthur Engoron said this afternoon, reading his decision to conclude a remote hearing of the Manhattan Supreme Court.

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Noting that the court is “not bound by the timelines of the election,” Engoron ordered the president’s son to appear for deposition no later than Oct. 7, 2020.

Almost two years ago, NY AG Letitia James promised to open an investigation into the Trump Organization shortly after she was elected and while its numerous misdeeds were freshly filling the news cycle.

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Four months after that, news of state subpoenas into the Trump organization’s ties to Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank leaked out, showing that investigators were actively pursuing the trail of wrongdoing.

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Late last year, James’ office obtained a death penalty ruling and $2 million fine against the Trump Foundation, which Donald Trump and his family used to pay his legal agreements, buy paintings of himself, take a six-figure payment from Ukrainian oligarchs and steal a million dollars from kids with cancer, the latter act which included Eric Trump’s direct participation.

If the Trump Organization is dissolved, the ownership of much, if not all of the Trump family’s real estate assets, licensing deals and even its brand name, could all be thrown into chaos.

Here’s the New York Attorney General’s official statement:

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