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New report reveals appalling anti-Semitic and anti-Black remarks by Trump

New report reveals appalling anti-Semitic and anti-Black remarks by Trump

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Even though his eldest daughter converted to Judaism to marry her wealthy real-estate scion husband, officials in the White House have provided evidence to The Washington Post that Donald Trump is truly anti-Semitic — as well as ragingly racist — at heart, making comparisons to Adolph Hitler all the more apt.

Both current and former White House officials gave the newspaper details of a particularly explosive rant that the president launched into after completing a phone call with Jewish American lawmakers.

“After phone calls with Jewish lawmakers, Trump has muttered that Jews ‘are only in it for themselves” and ‘stick together’ in an ethnic allegiance that exceeds other loyalties, officials said,” according The Post.

The article goes on to chronicle a plethora of demonstrably racist comments and attitudes displayed by the president while in office, including statements indicating his belief that Black Americans are primarily responsible for their failure to achieve equality in America, “hindered more by lack of initiative than societal impediments,” as The Washington Post puts it.

Even more interesting is the article’s account of a senior White House official who witnessed a brave staffer challenging Trump on his bigoted remarks and who received a barrage of indignation form the president in return.

“’He would say, “No one loves Black people more than me ”’ a former senior White House official said. The protests rang hollow because if the president were truly guided by such sentiments he ‘wouldn’t need to say it,’ the official said. ‘You let your actions speak.’”

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Given the naked prejudice exhibited in Trump’s alleged comments, it’s not surprising that the best one former official could come up with in the president’s defense was the pitiful suggestion that he might not be an overt white supremacist, a suggestion that they immediately acknowledged may or may not be true.

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“Woodrow Wilson was outwardly a white supremacist,” the former official stated. “I don’t think Trump is as bad as Wilson. But he might be.”

Accusations of Trump’s racism and anti-Semitism may be the least debatable of the charges being lobbed towards the president as he amps up his campaign rallies with obvious racist, sexist, and religiously-bigoted right-wing dog whistles, attacking Black Lives Matter protestors, supporting conspiracy theories centered around Jewish financier George Soros, spouting misogyny at every opportunity, and emulating Hitler’s enthusiasm for the discredited theory of eugenics, rebranded as “the race horse theory.”

Trump’s policies while in office also provide ample evidence that this president most closely resembles Confederate sympathizer President Andrew Johnson among his predecessors.

Carol Anderson, a professor of African American Studies at Emory University, told The Washington Post that “Johnson made it clear that he was really the president of a few people, not the American people. And Trump has done the same.”

On the other hand, some may argue that, rather than a racist, misogynist, or religious bigot, Trump is at heart truly an equal opportunity misanthrope incapable of empathizing with anyone at all other than himself.

Either way, it is patently obvious that Donald Trump’s psychological and moral deficiencies make him the most unqualified candidate for president in American history, an assessment that is only confirmed by his actions once he took office.

Vote him out expeditiously!

And in the meantime, check out the full article in The Washington Post here. (Paywall — subscription required.)

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Original reporting by Greg Miller at The Washington Post

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