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Trump lashes out at John & Cindy McCain after her historic endorsement of Biden

Trump lashes out at John & Cindy McCain after her historic endorsement of Biden

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On Wednesday morning, President Trump took to Twitter to once again disparage the legacy of late Senator John McCain in response to his wife’s unprecedented endorsement of Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Smarting from the loss of the widow of such a high-profile Republican, Trump pretended he never wanted her endorsement anyway because he was “never a fan of John,” which he has made all too clear over the years with his naked insults towards the war veteran and his experiences in a North Vietnamese prison camp.

Recent reports from the Atlantic allege that Trump referred to John McCain as a “f*cking loser” after his death and was irate that the government had to be involved in his funeral.

His reduction of John McCain and Joe Biden’s friendship to being a “lapdog” is just more evidence that the sociopathic Trump is incapable of seeing relationships in any way than transactional.

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Donald Trump began attacking John McCain long before he ever came near the Oval Office, famously questioning McCain’s military service record in an interview with Megyn Kelly and saying that he “liked veterans who didn’t get captured.”

Since then, the feud between McCain and Trump turned into a back and forth series of quiet criticisms from McCain and rude responses from the President, punctuated by McCain continuing to vote in favor of everything President Trump wanted to do until the crucial vote on the repeal of Obamacare and its replacement with a hollow shell that would kick tens of millions off of their healthcare.

In a dramatic showdown on the Senate floor, McCain voted “no” and provided a final kick in the teeth to one of Trump’s biggest policy objectives — and provoked the animus that has sustained the president’s infamously endless resentment towards McCain.

Though McCain has been dead for two years now, Donald Trump’s drive for personal vengeance is still so strong that he never misses an opportunity to smear him. It is yet another one of the countless character flaws that make him uniquely unqualified to hold the powerful office that he does.

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