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Trump openly admits he wants to fill Supreme Court seat to make sure he wins election

Trump openly admits he wants to fill Supreme Court seat to make sure he wins election

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At least we can’t accuse Donald Trump of trying to hide his plans to steal this election from the will of the majority.

He is unbelievably revealing his plans in full view of the entire electorate.

Seth Abramson — the noted law professor and author of three highly researched books outlining this president’s rank criminality — outlined what he saw as Trump’s scheme to utilize his presidential powers, the right-wing media, and the election boards in Republican-controlled states to literally steal victory from the jaws of expected defeat in the popular vote tally in a nine-point plan.

While it is certainly worth exploring Abramson’s Twitter thread where he goes into detail on each point of the posited plan, Trump himself pretty much has confirmed his intentions in his public comments on why he is pushing to reject the short-lived McConnell Doctrine that the GOP used to deny President Barack Obama a legitimate hearing on his final Supreme Court nominee in the last year of his term and immediately install a successor to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg while her body is still barely cold.

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Trump gave away his hand while speaking to reporters in the White House today.

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And Republicans are screaming about Democratic legislators discussing the possibility of packing the court if Trump and the GOP Senate go ahead and push through a Supreme Court nominee before the will of the people can be determined?!?!?

Here we have the President of the United States openly admitting that he not only intends that the election goes to the Supreme Court for final determination, but that that is exactly why he wants to ram his hypocritical nomination through before election day.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Democrats have to do everything in their power to prepare for the eventualities that Seth Abramson predicts and that Trump seems to have confirmed with his comments.

Even more important is to propel Joe Biden to a massive landslide in every state in the union so there can be no questions as the outcome of the election.

Trump wants to invalidate the will of American voters. We can’t let him or our democratic system will be gone for good, replaced by authoritarianism like this country has never experienced before.

You don’t want that now, do you?

Vote! And make sure everyone you know does as well.

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