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Nuns issue fiery condemnation after Bill Barr tapped for award for “Christlike” behavior

Nuns issue fiery condemnation after Bill Barr tapped for award for “Christlike” behavior

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The past four years in American history will be best remembered for the manner in which Donald Trump singlehandedly dismantled the world’s faith in the office of the presidency. The Oval Office used to be a symbol of levelheaded leadership and democracy. Trump, within a relatively short time frame, has transformed it into a symbol of nepotism, kleptocracy, and naked cruelty.

Attorney General William Barr has done the same thing at the Justice Department. He has proven himself to be a shameless partisan hatchetman, an AG more than willing to abuse the vast powers of the DOJ apparatus to serve the political whims of the president. He has obstructed, lied, and directed his subordinates to work towards plainly and unapologetically Republican goals. He sees himself as a loyal soldier for Donald Trump rather than a servant of the American people.

Absurdly, Barr is going to be given an award by the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast for his so-called “Christlike behavior” and “Exemplary Selfless and Steadfast Service in the Lord’s Vineyard.” The Hill reports that two nuns have come forward to criticize the NCPB’s decision.

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Sister Helen Prejean, a staunch opponent of capital punishment, took to Twitter to point out that Barr has “ordered the executions of six men with at least one more on the calendar.” Prejean questioned what could possibly be “Christlike” about “using discretionary power to kill.” The answer, of course, is nothing. If Barr were truly pro-life he wouldn’t be so eager to use the powers of the state to end the lives of imprisoned people.

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Sister Simone Campbell, the Executive Director of Network, a Catholic social justice organization, told The Hill that giving such an award to Barr is “scandalous.” Network held a virtual tour on Wednedsay aimed at convincing voters to cast their ballots against Donald Trump. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke during the tour and said that there is a “big difference between what Christ would do and what they’re honoring this morning.”

“The Attorney General reinstituted executions, targets peaceful protesters with violence, protects corrupt politicians, and minimizes the impact of COVID-19. He fails to follow the teaching of our shared Catholic faith. This is the antithesis of a man who protects life, and it is scandalous that he is being given an award for such uncatholic behavior,” said Campbell.

“In the political shadow of the Catholic Prayer Breakfast this morning, our politicians are once again attempting to wrangle Catholics with the all too flawed, narrow, and politically opportunistic view of our faith,” added Campbell.

While it’s unlikely that the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast will see the error of their ways and decide against giving Barr such an undeserved award, it is reassuring to know that there are still those out there able to recognize hypocrisy and willing to call it out as such.

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