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Ben Carson accidentally reveals his embarrassing, flattering notes to Trump

Ben Carson accidentally reveals his embarrassing, flattering notes to Trump

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The first thing you abandon when you go to work for Donald Trump is your dignity. The president demands not only absolute loyalty from his subordinates but utter, humiliating obsequiousness.  He hates being challenged, hates being corrected even more, and surrounds himself with Yes Men and Yes Women who exist solely to stroke his ego and convince him that he is a singular intelligence and talent, a gift not only to the American people but the world. It’s the reason why we see his surrogates in the media constantly coating him in sickly sweet flattery and the reason why we never see anyone from this administration admit fault even after thee worst bunglings of public policy imaginable.

If, after four years of watching him dismantle our democracy, undermine our global influence, and betray every idea this nation claims to stand for, you still want to serve under Donald Trump the rest of us our fully entitled to make some presumptions about you. Namely, that you have no real interest in the common good, no sense of civic duty. You crave power and see Donald Trump as a means of maintaining and wielding it. In that pursuit of power, no rhetoric is too pathetic, no act too degraded.

At a Trump campaign event in Atlanta today, Secretary of House and Urban Development Ben Carson accidentally revealed that the aforementioned presumptions are absolutely true in his case. Bloomberg’s Justin Sink shared an image on Twitter of Carson’s notes for the event. They outlined complaints about Director of the White House Presidential Personnel Office John McEntee, who Carson seems to detect a “severe [words blocked in photo] of trust.” The word “lack” would reasonably fit into the sentence, but Carson’s microphone makes it impossible to tell for sure.

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More interesting than Carson’s feelings about McEntee though was the manner in which he planned to present them to Trump, which is to say by bowing and scraping. Working off the knowledge that Trump is most receptive to comments after having his narcissism fed, Carson’s notes state that he is “very loyal” to the president and wants to stay in his administration if he wins reelection. The microphone blocks another section of the note, but it appears to be Carson assuring the president that he is his “friend.”

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As funny as this embarrassing little incident might be, it’s also a reminder that our government is being run by a coterie of clowns. How can these people possibly be trusted to forward the interests of the American people when they’re wasting all of their time trying to please their egomaniacal boss?

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