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New progressive nonprofit takes aim at health insurance industry with ad onslaught

New progressive nonprofit takes aim at health insurance industry with ad onslaught

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It’s no secret to anyone who isn’t on their payroll that the heartless greed of America’s predatory and ruthless health insurance companies is one of the primary sources of American suffering over the past twenty years.

In order to rack up huge paydays for their CEOs and shareholders, health insurance companies send cancer patients into bankruptcy and extort outrageous premium fees out of families who can neither afford to pay them nor go without insurance, all the while forcing their customers into an absurdly byzantine labyrinth of red tape while they focus every effort on figuring out petty excuses to deny sick people the coverage they’ve already paid for.

The lives of their customers are tossed aside in pursuit of bigger and bigger profits, even during the middle of a pandemic. Health insurance corporations like Aetna, Humana, and United Health are reporting profits that are double what they were last year as the death toll from coronavirus reaches 200,000 lives lost.

While they nickel and dime families trying to keep their children healthy, there’s always money to funnel into the war chests of politicians and into attack ads against alternative systems of healthcare that wouldn’t result in Americans having the highest healthcare costs in the world for worse quality care.

A new progressive nonprofit, the Democratic Policy Center, is setting its sights on the health insurance industry and their pernicious influence on our political system. Dedicated to ridding the corruption of corporate greed from the policies that affect the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans, their first ad is set to go live today.

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The Democratic Policy Center previously made headlines with a shocking report detailing the insidious influence that police unions and their PACs have on Democratic primary races.

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In a press release, DemPolicy said that “Health insurance premiums have increased significantly over the past decade — and Americans are frequently hit with costly medical bills even when they have insurance. People are forced to choose their doctors within increasingly limited insurance networks to avoid truly catastrophic expenses, and often have no choice but to beg strangers on the Internet for help with medical bills.

Yet, if you watch industry ads or pundit roundtables on TV, you might think that Americans are happy with this system that routinely gouges them and grinds them into dust. We know that isn’t true. That’s why we’re releasing our own ad and asking people to help put it on the air.”

Defeating the insatiable vampires that run the blood-sucking health insurance industry is just one of the many enormous struggles facing the Democratic Party and the American people, but it’s a battle of critical importance for the tens of millions of Americans who still don’t have any health insurance coverage and the tens of millions more who must tithe huge portions of their meager incomes to those who see their very lives as just numbers on a balance sheet.

Find out more about the Democratic Policy Center here.

Watch the new ad — and please help contribute to the Democratic Policy Center’s mission:

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