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Trump heads to golf club after making fun of Biden for preparing for debate

Trump heads to golf club after making fun of Biden for preparing for debate

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Yesterday, Democratic nominee Joe Biden called “a lid” on his activities for the day fairly early so that he could prepare for next week’s highly anticipated debate. But Donald Trump, ever the high-school bully, took to Twitter to call him a nerd and a square for doing his homework.

One might think that Trump would want to prepare for his first head-to-head confrontation with the man who would kick him out of office and then hopefully prosecute him for the litany of crimes, abuses, and atrocities that Trump has committed while in office — but not Trump, who clearly intends to simply lie his ass off and then claim that the moderator, FOX News’ Chris Wallace, is biased for the “far-left.”

Instead, Trump is headed to his golf resort at Doral in Florida for an event courting the Latino vote, one of many the president has scheduled for today.

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As is everything when it comes to Trump, the president’s fixation with Biden’s campaigning is an expression of his own insecurity as a slew of round-tables and rallies by Trump fail to make any substantial gains in the polls.

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This is clearly a source of increasing frustration for him, as evidenced by this late-night tweet from the president complaining that the liberals at FOX News are making fake polls:

The president is on very shaky ground and simply cannot stand it, which explains his recent refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power. He’s only just started to grapple with the idea that he might lose, and he doesn’t like it one bit. We have to do everything in our power to make his nightmare become a reality.

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