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Trump demands that Joe Biden take a drug test before debate in morning tweetstorm

Trump demands that Joe Biden take a drug test before debate in morning tweetstorm

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After a relative scarcity of social media activity yesterday, Donald Trump jumped back onto Twitter with a vengeance this morning, tweeting and retweeting 40 posts since he left his Pennsylvania rally last evening.

He started with the easy retweets of the Republican National Committee’s posts of footage of his speech at the COVID superspreader event in Middletown, Pennsylvania where he carefully placed the few in attendance wearing face masks strategically arrayed behind his podium for the cameras.

It was likely more for Trump’s own protection from the coronavirus than for any sudden change of heart on the benefits of face coverings mandates to help prevent the ever-continuing spread of the pandemic.

Trump’s retweets of his rally speech allowed him to quickly disseminate his empty promises and campaign tropes about “LAW & ORDER,” the supposed fraudulent nature of mail-in voting, and, foremost on his mind right now, his nomination of a right-wing religious extremist to the Supreme Court seat that opened with the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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After highlighting his campaign speech on the subject of his nominee, Trump then proceeded to demonstrate how thoroughly he has the Republicans in the Senate under his orange thumb, by retweeting 15 GOP senators’ posts announcing their support for Amy Coney Barrett — a woman likely to overturn the rights of others of her gender to their own reproductive freedom. Here’s an example of the lengthy list of retweets.

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The retweets served as a sinister roll call of hypocrites who have suddenly decided that it’s perfectly OK for a president to nominate a Supreme Court justice in the waning months of their term — as long as they aren’t a Black President like Barack Obama.

Trump next moved on to demanding that “Sleepy Joe Biden” be tested for drug use prior to their upcoming Tuesday debate, allowing that he would also take one as well.

After portraying Biden as a mentally-addled geriatric with barely enough energy to crawl out of bed in the morning, Trump has painted himself in a corner for the debates by lowering expectations of Biden’s performance to the level that if the Democratic candidate shows up and manages to stay awake through the debate, he’s already exceeded the stereotype that the president has tried to impose upon him.

Trump is likely now raising allegations of drug abuse — allegations that he has faced himself, particularly after a rock of some unknown white substance flew from his nose during a recent press conference — to belie his false accusations against his Democratic opponent and explain away whatever vigor that Biden displays at Tuesday’s debate.

Trump likely believes that his use of question marks at the end of his allegations will somehow protect him from any libel suits.

Any fears of libel were far from the president’s mind in his next few posts as he proceeded to attack Democratic senators opposed to his nomination of a religious fanatic to the nation’s highest court. He targeted Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) in particular in two separate tweets.

Cadet Bone Spurs truly has no shame. Unlike Senator Blumenthal, Trump’s supposed medical condition allowed him to avoid serving his country at all.

Trump then went on to attack former NY City Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate, billionaire Mike Bloomberg, for his decision to pay the fines of the Florida felons who had finished their sentences and were granted the ability to vote after a statewide ballot initiative passed but had their rights stripped away by a GOP-controlled Florida legislature that insisted that they first pay newly-invented fees to cover the cost of their trials and incarceration before being allowed to exercise their newly restored rights, despite their likely inability to pay those fees.

While it is laughable that the man who suddenly announced last week that all seniors on Medicare would be awarded $200 vouchers to cover the costs of prescription drugs would accuse someone else of the “serious crime” of bribing people to vote for a particular candidate or party, it’s likely an instance of hypocrisy that will be ignored by the president’s deplorable followers.

Trump finished his morning social media rampage with a few more rote attempts at his deceitful political propaganda, trying to convince the public that the election in which the polls show him trailing badly will be illegitimate and that he actually has a real plan to replace the Affordable Care Act with anything more than his broken promises.

The only “big WIN for the USA” that is in the offing would be Trump’s defeat by an unprecedented margin at the polls in the weeks ahead.

Go ahead and make that dream a reality.

Vote for the Democrats’ Biden/Harris ticket and continue straight down the Democratic line in all the local races.

We can restore our nation, but only if Trump is defeated by an indisputable margin.

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