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Ana Navarro obliterates Ivanka after Trump toady goes after Biden’s kids

Ana Navarro obliterates Ivanka after Trump toady goes after Biden’s kids

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With tonight’s first debate between Donald Trump and his rival for the presidency, Democrat Joe Biden, imminent, pundits on cable TV news networks have gone into overdrive predicting what may take place on the stage at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland this evening.

CNN welcomed former Trump campaign advisor David Urban to one of their ubiquitous panels of talking heads to discuss his prognostications about what may take place on tonight’s debate stage, and he immediately made the not very surprising prediction that the president would attack his opponent with accusations of corruption against Joe Biden’s son Hunter over his dealings with Ukraine and China.

Urban then asked his fellow panelist, the never-Trump Republican Ana Navarro, her opinion on the best strategy for Biden to take in replying to Trump’s likely attacks on his progeny.

“If the president brings up Hunter Biden as we have heard some suggest he will repeatedly, how do you think Joe Biden should respond?” Urban queried Navarro.

Navarro had the answer on the tip of her tongue.

“Ivanka Trump,” Navarro immediately declared. “You want to bring up Hunter Biden, go ahead, go right ahead. I think Joe Biden has an answer for that and I think, right now, Donald Trump has to explain why he had his daughter on his corporate payroll and at the same time was paying her $750,000 in consulting fees.  Which is a tax scam — that is a tax scam.”

“How he’s used the bully pulpit of the presidency and the platforms of the government to promote his properties and push money towards his properties, whether it’s the websites or whether it’s trying to hold the — you know, G8 at Doral or making his hotels and golf courses the place where people go. He’s going to have to explain all that,” she continued. “So if he wants to talk about corruption, go ahead — make our day.”

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Navarro hit upon the perfect example of how this president continues to trash talk his opponents over invented scandals when his own backyard has much worse political and legal atrocities piled to the ceilings and based on actual facts.

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We’ll see just how Joe Biden handles what Donald Trump throws at him during the debate tonight, but we already know how the president will respond to any allegations that his rival brings up about his many alleged illegal actions — denial, lies, and counter-accusations.

The question then becomes one of credibility, and, in that case, Biden has already won the debate without even speaking a word yet.

You can watch the exchange on CNN between David Urban and Ana Navarro in the video excerpt below.

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