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Eric Trump fumbles and appears to say he’s part of the gay community in FOX mishap

Eric Trump fumbles and appears to say he’s part of the gay community in FOX mishap

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On Tuesday morning, the president’s son Eric Trump joined Fox and Friends for the weekly Trump family softball game, hosted by his loyal cheerleaders. Unfortunately for him, even the friendliest of environments wasn’t enough to keep Eric from shoving his foot in his mouth in public, again.

In a truly absurd show of delusion, the crew discussed the newest myth that the right-wing has concocted to make Trump feel better: the “secret Trump voter,” the latest imaginary figure from conservative NYT op-ed writer and bedbug enthusiast Bret Stephens. His latest production is particularly lazy, warning Democrats that he found one Trump voter in New York City who is gay and therefore Democrats need to be wary, because “if the Democratic Party and its allies can’t hold on to a voter like Chris, who else might they be losing?”

The answer, of course, is they have lost Bret Stephens, who is both a Republican and a moron and clearly just wants an excuse to be able to vote for Trump without being judged by his pseudointellectual peers, which is why he’s issuing this unsubtle warning that Democrats need to work even harder to appeal to people whose entire worldview is framed by right-wing propaganda and conspiracy theories.

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But nothing will stop the Trump team from promoting the ridiculous notion that there are hundreds of secret gay Trump voters who are just too scared of being “cancelled” by leftist censors to show their support publicly since that idea would definitely bring some solace to an increasingly unstable and insecure Trump — which led to the following moment:

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“The LGBT community, they are incredible. And you should see how they come out in full force for my father every single day. I’m part of that community, and we love the man,” said Eric. After some examination, it appears he meant to be quoting some other likely imaginary gay Trump voter but made himself seem like the subject of the sentence, leading to much amusement among LGBT posters on social media.

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In reality, the Trump administration is wildly hostile to LGBTQIA Americans and have been steadily working to roll back their rights. His administration has banned trans people from serving in the military, made it easier for healthcare providers to discriminate against LGBT Americans, rolled back Obama-era protective guidance for trans students, and publicly praised anti-LGBT hate group leaders.

While the American voter can be a fickle, idiosyncratic, and often illogical beast, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of LGBTQ Americans know what Trump has done to them and their community — and are more intent than ever on sending him packing in November.

Social media users were quite amused:

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