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FOX’s “journalists” push conspiracy about Biden wearing secret electronic ear device

FOX’s “journalists” push conspiracy about Biden wearing secret electronic ear device

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In the lead up to tonight’s highly anticipated debate, the right-wing propaganda machine is pulling out all the stops and laying a foundation of lies for them to justify to themselves and excuse a poor performance by Donald Trump and paint Joe Biden as having somehow “cheated” at a debate.

Their first line of attack is the ridiculous notion that Biden will be secretly wearing an earpiece, through which he will be given the questions in advance for the debate and possibly have his handlers whisper answers to the questions and help hide the dementia that right-wing conspirators allege he suffers from.

The right-wing clearly doesn’t understand how debates work; Biden is not taking the SATs and this isn’t Trivia Night, it’s a debate whose topics have already been publicly announced (upsettingly, there will be no discussion of climate change) and whose answers are subjective discussions of policy — or in Trump’s case, just making things up.

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The Trump team, always looking for ways to troll their opponent, publicly demanded that a “neutral” third-party examine Joe Biden for any secret electronic devices, which his campaign naturally refused to do, which prompted a breathless avalanche of baseless speculation from right-wing media that went viral thanks to the way that Facebook and other social media companies enable the spread of Trumpian propaganda.

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Even more disturbing, however, is how the network hosting tonight’s debate is helping push this ridiculous conspiracy theory. During this morning’s newscast, FOX hosts Bret Baier and Bill Hemmer discuss the “interesting” news that the Biden team won’t agree to have his ear checked for secret earpieces.

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This conspiracy theory appears to have originated from the titular head of the QAnon cult and quickly spread through social media.

It is a deeply alarming sign of the times that FOX News’ supposed “straight journalist” teams are openly pushing QAnon conspiracies and that the entire right-wing media apparatus is losing its mind at the slightest sign of impropriety by the Biden team, no matter how ridiculous it might be.

It really speaks to how insecure they are about Trump’s potential performance tonight — and how hard they will work to reframe the debate that we will watch tonight with our own eyes into their own twisted version of reality.

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