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Lawsuit claims Fox’s Judge Napolitano forced waiter to perform “bizarre sex act”

Lawsuit claims Fox’s Judge Napolitano forced waiter to perform “bizarre sex act”

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Yet another scandal has rocked Fox News with the revelation that the network’s premiere legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has been accused in a lawsuit of forcing a New Jersey waiter to engage in a “bizarre sex act” with him. New York Daily News reports that James Kruzenick filed the $15 million suit on Monday in New Jersey Superior Court.

Kruzenick claims that he met Napolitano at the Mohawk House while working and that the former judge groped him in the restroom. While Kruzenick says that he was uninterested in a sexual relationship with Napolitano, he wanted to maintain a friendship and was “flattered” that such a famous person wanted to spend time with him.

In September of 2015, Kruzelnick visited Napolitano’s house. Kruzlenick was in the living room when Napolitano allegedly entered the room in a state of partial undress and revealed that he was “really into certain things” and that he wanted Kruzelnick to “do something” for him.” The lawsuit outlines what happened next.

“Napolitano walked up to Plaintiff’s chair, and suddenly threw himself onto Plaintiff’s lap. Napolitano then told Plaintiff that ‘I want you to start slapping me really hard.’ Before Plaintiff could say anything in response, defendant Andrew Napolitano then demanded that James Kruzelnick spank his exposed buttocks while Napolitano masturbated on his lap,” the lawsuit reads.

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When Kruzelnick pushed back against Napolitano’s fetish advances, saying he didn’t want to partake in the “sex game,” Napolitano insisted and told him to “just f*cking do it!” The kink encounter escalated as Napolitano ordered Kruzelnick to refer to him as “son” while telling him to play “daddy.”

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Kruzelnick claims that Napolitano managed to maintain a relationship with him by dangling the possibility that he would help him work through some personal legal issues he was encountering as well as his brother’s criminal charges. From 2016 to 2017, Napolitano allegedly “continued to exert severe psychological domination and control” over the plaintiff.

The son-father roleplay was not the only sexual incident according to Kruzelnick. The lawsuit states that he and a Fox News intern visited Napolitano’s house. Kruzelnickj was given a drink and “within 10 to 15 minutes of consuming the beverage, Plaintiff felt extremely woozy as if he had been drugged. He woke up hours later in Napolitano’s bed, with blurred memories of engaging in a sexual threesome with Napolitano and the Fox News intern.”

During Kruzelnick’s final encounter with Napolitano, the Fox analyst allegedly tried to rape him.

These are not the first allegations of sexual impropriety leveled at Napolitano. Earlier this month he was sued by a man named Charles Corbishley who claims that the former judge sexually abused him while presiding over a case he was involved in. Corbishley and Kruzelnick are represented by the same law firm.

Napolitano’s attorney Tom Clare says he categorically denies the allegations.

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