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CNN fact-checker pummels Trump with evidence refuting his deluded claim that he won the debate

CNN fact-checker pummels Trump with evidence refuting his deluded claim that he won the debate

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If you tuned into the presidential debate last night you were subjected to one of the most disgraceful performances from any American politician in history as Donald Trump ranted, interrupted the moderator Chris Wallace and Joe Biden, hurled petty personal insults, and spat out one egregious lie after another. He was unable to reign in his emotions or the burning sense of victimhood that defines his personality and ended up looking completely unhinged.

Biden offered a sharp contrast to Trump’s overgrown man-child antics. Not only did he display an honesty and mastery of the topics discussed that Trump lacks—incidentally two things we used to expect from the American president—but he also seemed like a veteran statesman, like someone who can be trusted with the enormous powers of the Oval Office, someone who will work to forward the interests of the American people rather than simply lining his own pockets and those of his cronies like Trump has done.

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Post-debate polling bodes well for the former vice president. CNN found that 6 in 10 viewers believe that Biden won the debate with a measly 28% saying that Trump won. A CBS News/YouGo poll found 48% of voters think Biden won while 41% said Trump. Not surprisingly, our egomaniacal commander-in-chief is not processing his loss well.

CNN’s Daniel Dale reports that Trump told reporters that he thinks the debate went “great” and that he is getting “tremendous reviews.” The president claimed that “by every measure, we won the debate easily last night.” He took the delusion a step further by saying the he “won the debate by almost every poll” that he saw and insisted that at least six polls showed him victorious.  As he usually does when making a grand claim about people praising him, he failed to cite anyone specific or list polls that support his characterization of the public’s response.

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Dale fact-checked Trump’s lies by pointing out that he lost in the reliable, scientific polls and won some “anyone-can-click polls” on Twitter. Such polls are infamously unreliable and are often targeted for swarming by fans of the president. They don’t reflect the larger voting populace, which now seems poised to vote this president out en masse come November.

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