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Trump swipes at Chris Wallace and projects insecurity morning after debate debacle

Trump swipes at Chris Wallace and projects insecurity morning after debate debacle

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Given what we know about Donald Trump’s inability to resist the impulse to transparently project his insecurities, his Wednesday morning Twitter feed was bound to offer up a glimpse into how Trump and his team thinks that last night’s disaster of a debate went — and we were not disappointed.

The president quote-tweeted a New York Times article that proclaimed that debate moderator Chris Wallace “struggled” and bragged that thanks to him, Chris had had a “tough” night before complaining that he himself was facing “two on one,” predictably trying to frame the moderator and his rules as being biased against him.

More telling, however, is Trump’s efforts to will into reality a left-wing abandonment of Joe Biden over his more conservative approach to governance, which speaks to both how insecure he really feels just weeks away from the election and his inability to properly assess the situation facing him.

He is very mistaken assuming that differences in healthcare policy and the Green New Deal between the Biden and Bernie Sanders wings of the party will result in progressives simply staying home and allowing a fascist madman like Trump to gain another four years in power.

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While it’s true that over a hundred million people on both sides of the aisle didn’t vote in 2016, it was largely expected that Hillary Clinton would win and the true malevolence of Donald Trump was yet to be revealed. If there’s one thing that couldn’t be more clear four years later, it’s that stopping Trump is a moral imperative more demanding than any we’ve ever faced before — and as Trump prepares to ram through his third Supreme Court Justice, the stakes could not be more higher.

Polling data from key battleground states proves that Trump’s efforts to splinter the Democratic Party are coming to naught — and seeing as little has changed in an entire year, there’s little likelihood that will change now.

“Over all, voters in the battleground states who said Bernie Sanders was their top choice for president said they backed Mr. Biden over President Trump, 87 percent to 4 percent,” reports the New York Times.The findings, however, do not represent a change from last October, when Sanders and Warren supporters in the same six battleground states were asked whom they would vote for if the choice came down to Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump. It was 89-4 for Mr. Biden back then; it is 89-3 now.”

Trump is going to be sorely disappointed when he discovers his efforts to depress the nation by turning the nation into a circus and antagonize the leftists who face off against his white supremacist goon squads on a weekly basis accomplishes nothing but widen the margin of his defeat come November.

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