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AOC dunks on Ted Cruz for making a hilariously bad meme about Joe Biden

AOC dunks on Ted Cruz for making a hilariously bad meme about Joe Biden

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The 2020 election is just over a month away and the Republican Party still can’t manage to articulate a coherent line of attack against Joe Biden. He’s a lifelong public servant with obvious warmth, compassion, knowledge, and a genuine desire to help the American people, traits which stand in sharp contrast to Trump’s cruelty and disastrous incompetence.

Lacking any real argument against Biden’s campaign, some Republicans are vainly trying to paint him as a puppet who is really controlled by the farthest left elements within the Democratic Party. There is no truth to the statement of course. Biden is his own man and won the primary in large part because of his moderate appeal, but the GOP never lets a little thing like the truth get in the way of a good smear.

Earlier today Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), as pathetic and odious man as one is likely to find stalking through the halls of Congress, tweeted out a poorly photoshopped meme of a train labeled the “Biden Express.” The faces of prominent Democrats can be seen in the windows, including those of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Most notably, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is seated in the front of the train as the conductor. The image looks like something made in a Kindergarten arts and crafts class and it’s frankly hilarious that a sitting U.S. Senator would share it unironically.

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Cruz added commentary to the truly embarrassing image, saying that Joe Biden “may be” the Democratic nominee but “we know who is driving the train.” The tweet is both laughably inept and completely divorced from the truth. While Biden does indeed engage with the progressive wing of his party at times and weighs their concerns he isn’t secretly being puppeteered by anyone. It’s the kind of paranoid conspiracy theory that could only catch on in a party as deeply deranged as the GOP.

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Rep. Ocasio-Cortez saw the tweet not long after Cruz posted it and mocked him for “making poorly executed memes while riding in the quiet car of the White Supremacist Express.” It was a short message but she absolutely nailed it.

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Cruz wants to claim that Biden is being controlled by others and meanwhile Cruz remains silent as the leader of his own party refuses to condemn white supremacy and inflames the nation’s racial divides. Trump is steering the train that is the GOP straight off the tracks and over a cliff while Cruz spends his time making bad memes.

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