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Trump-loving Qanon fans deluge Chrissy Teigen with hate after her tragic miscarriage

Trump-loving Qanon fans deluge Chrissy Teigen with hate after her tragic miscarriage

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For four straight years, it’s felt like a day can’t go by without a new breathtaking outrage from President Trump and his rabid supporters. The avatar of humanity’s disgrace, Trump is a man entirely without redeeming quality whose only competence lies in bringing out the worst impulses in other people and getting them to abase themselves to his level.

That much is obvious in the behavior of his QAnon cult following, who took to social media en masse to harass celebrity Chrissy Teigen after she bravely shared the story of her tragic miscarriage on Twitter.

It took a great deal of courage for Teigen to share her moment of intimate grief and incalculable sorrow with a world that still stigmatizes miscarriage; and that courage is compounded by the response that she knew she would receive.

The “QAnon” cultists believe that Chrissy Teigen and her husband, singer-songwriter John Legend, are part of the secret, Satanic pedophile cabal of Hollywood celebrities and Democratic politicians that has sex with children and ritually sacrifices them to harvest a psychedelic drug called “adrenochrome.” Teigen has been falsely accused of being linked to billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein (who Trump is extremely closely connected to) and is the subject of photoshopped images depicting her on Epstein’s notorious private plane (which Trump actually flew on).

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QAnon followers came out in force to gloat over her loss in one of the vilest displays of dehumanizing partisan hatred of the Trump era. They were joined by your garden-variety conservative Christian men, who somehow thought this was an appropriate moment to make a point about abortion.

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It does not bode well for the future that such a significant portion of our population believes this entirely baseless conspiracy theory that somehow centers Donald Trump as some kind of political genius and sanctified defender of children — or that Donald Trump himself refuses to condemn them.

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