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Video shows Trump fan assaulting news photographer at rally

Video shows Trump fan assaulting news photographer at rally

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The MAGA movement is psychologically deteriorating. The men and women who flocked to Donald Trump, somehow convinced that a racist conman had any interest in improving their lives, were never paragons of rationality or morality to begin with but it appears that four years of having their leader in office has only driven them further towards the edge.

The growing number of QAnon adherents within the GOP—people convinced that a cabal of pedophile Democrats and celebrities are using Satanic rituals to increase their lifespans and rule the world—is just one sure sign that Republicans are unraveling but the garden variety vitriol and violence we are seeing from the more sane MAGA fans is even more telling.

Trumpers have convinced themselves that their president is the only thing standing between America and utter destruction and this deranged worldview is driving them to justify more and more egregious actions. They listen to him when he claims that the mainstream media is the “Enemy of the People” and refuse to believe reliable sources, choosing instead to believe whatever lies Trump decides to spew at them. This, in turn, often makes them incredibly combative when confronted with members of the press.

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A new story out of Duluth, Minnesota illustrates just how dangerous Trump’s supporters have become. WCCO-TV reports that their photojournalist Dymanh Chhou was reporting outside of a soon-to-begin Trump rally, recording video, when a Trump supporter attacked him.

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“You guys want to be peaceful? Be peaceful! You want to be violent? Come to me!” said the man before punching Chhoun’s camera out of his hands. Luckily, Chhoun was physically unharmed. He identified himself as a member of the press and the attacker and his compatriots eventually backed off. The network reported the incident to the police for investigation.

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While this encounter thankfully didn’t end in bodily harm, it is a sobering reminder that many Trump supporters are itching for an excuse to enact violence. Play it safe if you find yourselves around them and remember that many of these people are untethered from the reality that the rest of us share. They can be genuinely dangerous.

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