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A Trump tweet encouraging Obama to contract Ebola has come back to haunt him

A Trump tweet encouraging Obama to contract Ebola has come back to haunt him

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The President of the United States—a man who misled the American public about the risks of the coronavirus pandemic, who mocked the wearing of masks,  and who directly caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans through sheer apathy and incompetence—has COVID-19. Trump made the announcement on Twitter last night, adding that First Lady Melania has also contracted the oft-deadly virus.

Republicans, always eager to engage in bad faith discussions given the opportunity, immediately began scolding liberals, saying that we should all be wishing the president well. The same president who speculated that a political enemy was in hell shortly after his death is now entitled to unconditional sympathy according to the GOP.

If, as someone who has watched this evil man inflict unimaginable cruelty on the most vulnerable elements of our society for the past four years, you’re struggling to muster any desire for Trump to recover from his illness consider the coming election. It’s absolutely crucial that Trump get better so that Joe Biden can demolish him in November. Only then will the American people be able to send a signal to other nations that we are not defined by Trumpism, that we want better for ourselves and the world. An electoral drubbing also has the added advantage of humiliating Trump. Anything less than that is letting him off easy.

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That said, genuine sympathy cannot be expected, especially when one considers this president’s behavior. Imagine for a moment the kind of oblique gloating Trump would be engaged in right now if it was Joe Biden who had COVID-19. His surrogates would be hammering the Democratic nominee, claiming that the virus means he is too physically weak to assume office. Recall the manner in which they harped on and on about Hillary Clinton’s health in the leadup to the 2016 election.

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In fact, there’s no need to speculate how Trump would discuss a political enemy’s health in a similar situation because there’s a tweet. In 2014, Trump tweeted that President Obama had a “personal responsibility to visit & embrace” every American who contracted Ebola. In other words, Trump publicly fantasized about Obama catching Ebola. Can we please stop pretending this man deserves anything but our disdain?

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