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Conservative hypocrites weep and moan about how mean Democrats are after Trump’s test

Conservative hypocrites weep and moan about how mean Democrats are after Trump’s test

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Last night, America received the stunning news that President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. A most appropriate turn of events considering the lengths to which Donald Trump and his administration have gone to downplay the severity of the virus and deliberately exacerbated a pandemic that has killed over 200,000 Americans, it was almost inevitable given the President’s reckless refusal to employ proper safety precautions and continue holding his super-spreader rally events across the country.

Given how the President was mocking Joe Biden for wearing his mask at the debate just three days ago and the vicious partisanship the President has shown when it came to coronavirus relief, it is understandable that liberals and progressives were largely less than sympathetic for the President and the infected members of his staff.

But that hasn’t stopped the outrageous hypocrites on the right-wing from crying about how mean the “left-wing” is being about the president’s diagnosis.

The Federalist co-founder and rabid libertarian extremist Sean Davis got all huffy and puffy that Joe Biden hasn’t dEnOuNcEd the millions of random Twitter users, which is a ridiculous demand of a candidate who is not responsible for the behavior of every person who supports him and for a man who runs the Federalist, which is an absolutely psychotic right-wing publication that churns out wildly bigoted anti-LGBT propaganda, justifies police murders and defended militia murderer Kyle Rittenhouse.

For the record, Joe Biden and the vast majority of Democrats have issued thoughts and prayers for the President’s health.

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Disgraced ex-NRA spokesman Dan Bongino got mad that FOX host Chris Wallace, who Trump was extremely rude to at the debate a few days ago, wasn’t being enthusiastic enough with his sorrow over the president’s diagnosis, accusing him of “politicizing it” during a segment in which he pointed out that President Trump’s coronavirus advisor Dr. Atlas is not a real epidemiologist.

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“These people are really sick!” whines Robby Starbuck, a right-wing media personality who spends his days screaming that the Fake News Media and Antifa Terrorists are destroying the country and falsely accused one of the protesters murdered by Kyle Rittenhouse to be a convicted pedophile.
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“Leftists are HYPERVENTILATING!” complains Paul Joseph Watson, who works for Alex Jones’ InfoWars and is an unrepentant racist, anti-feminist, and Islamophobe who promotes dangerous conspiracy theories.

The hypocrisy of the right-wing was put on full display by one of their own members:

Just yesterday, the fanatical cultists of the QAnon conspiracy were barraging model Chrissy Teigen with harassment and hatred for posting a picture of herself and a heartbreaking message about her miscarriage and the loss of her son Jack. These zealots believe, without evidence, that she and her husband are part of a child-harvesting pedophile cult.

There is almost nothing in modern conservatism that is not predicated on hatred or malicious intent against other people. Republican policies heap hardship and suffering on America’s workers while their rhetoric demonizes and discriminates against vulnerable minorities out of spite, envy, and ignorance. Their deportation thugs separate children from their parents, sexually assault immigrant women, and throw them into freezers.

White supremacists terrorize the innocent and right-wing incel anti-feminists massacre our schoolchildren with the assault rifles they treasure so dearly. 200,000 people are dead because of greed of the capital and its servants, too concerned for their own wealth to take the measures that we needed to save lives. For them to suddenly weep and moan about how mean we are is the highest of hypocrisy.

You don’t get to complain about other people being mean when your entire political ideology is devoted to harming people for your own benefit and sadism.

To quote Melania Trump talking about separated children, give me a fucking break. 

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