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Kellyanne Conway has apparently passed the COVID-19 virus to her daughter

Kellyanne Conway has apparently passed the COVID-19 virus to her daughter

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The relationships amongst the Conway family have been notoriously tense for quite a while now.

With Kellyanne Conway working full-time for Donald Trump as a senior White House Advisor until the end of August and her husband George working equally diligently with The Lincoln Project to ensure that the president is removed from office as soon as possible, their teen-aged daughter Claudia was quite vocal about her opposition to everything related to Trump and her lack of respect for her mother for helping run an administration that she regarded as totally evil.

The conflicts came to a head in late August when Claudia wrote a series of social media posts accusing both of her parents of physical and emotional abuse. prompting both Kellyanne and George to proclaim that they were quitting their full-time work to spend some serious time paying attention to their family issues.

While it’s likely that Kellyanne was sincere in announcing the abandonment of her White House role, disentangling herself from her Trump administration duties was not so easy.

She still had an appearance at the Republican National Convention to make and, with a re-election campaign in full swing, some obligatory political appearances to make, including attending the event for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett at the White House last Saturday.

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Little did she know that the event would become a ground zero super-spreader event for the upper echelons of the Republican party.

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Her daughter Claudia was one of the first people to break the news of Kellyanne’s COVID-19 diagnosis which she announced in a social media post.

“Update my mom has covid,” Claudia wrote. “im furious. Wear your masks. dont listen to our idiot f@#king president piece of shit. protect yourself and those around you,” she explained in another post.

Her daughter’s post was quite different in tone from what Kellyanne herself posted about her medical condition on Twitter.

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Now Claudia has another reason to be furious with her mother.  Kellyanne has now apparently spread the disease to her daughter.

Claudia posted the news to her Instagram account which she had been banned by her parents from using after she posted the abuse allegations.

“Hey guys currently dying of covid,” Claudia Conway reportedly captioned a video that has since been deleted.

While she didn’t specifically blame Donald Trump for her family’s positive status, Claudia’s past antipathy to the president and the likely circumstances of Kellyanne’s contraction of the virus only serve to indicate that all fingers will be pointing in the president’s direction.

After all, in the end, just about every COVID-19 case in the country at this point is a direct result of the president and his administration’s failure to take proper national measures to contain the virus in the early days of the pandemic when the spread could have been greatly minimized as it has been in so many other countries around the world.

Let’s hope a speedy recovery to the Conway family, particularly those who didn’t contract the virus through foolish and reckless flouting of proper precautions for naked political purposes.

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Original reporting by David Matthews at The New York Daily News via Yahoo News.

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