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Mark Meadows appears to blame Secret Service for infecting Trump

Mark Meadows appears to blame Secret Service for infecting Trump

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Does White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows want Donald Trump to be taken out by one of his own Secret Service agents? With a shiv or a discrete dose of novichok?

Those are logical questions to ask after Meadows alienated the president’s entire security force by insinuating that one of them may have been responsible for Trump’s infection with COVID-19 when he called into Fox & Friends this morning.

Entirely in keeping with the buck-passing president who takes no responsibility for any of his own disastrous actions but takes credit for anything good that happens in this country — no matter how little he may have had to do with it — the Chief of Staff’s comments ignored Trump’s own refusal to wear masks, his attendance at sardine-packed rallies filled with maskless supporters, and his general insistence on ignoring his own CDC’s recommendations for coronavirus prevention on a daily basis as more compelling reasons he may have caught the disease.

The comments on Twitter about Meadows’ unproven finger-pointing towards the Secret Service as the source of Trump’s infection were predictably savage, given the attempts to absolve the president of responsibility for his own behavior.

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While it may be hard to imagine this particular president watching even more TV than usual, it seems that is certainly preferable to risking the infection of Trump’s Secret Service detail by taking needless joyrides simply to feed the president’s bottomless pit of an ego.

Trump should only hope that a rogue Secret Service agent isn’t cracked up by the stress of their job and decides to seek vengeance for the likely baseless and uninformed accusations being made about them. It is a danger that all authoritarian leaders face, but one that the United States has never seriously been considered prey to…until the Trump administration.


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