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Social media erupts in mockery after Matt Gaetz brags about Trump’s COVID-19 infection

Social media erupts in mockery after Matt Gaetz brags about Trump’s COVID-19 infection

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One of the more disgusting talking points to emerge from the shared fever dream that is the Republican Party’s collective psyche in the wake of President Trump’s contraction of COVID-19 is the idea that recovering from the virus is simply a matter of strength and “toughness.”

Conservatives are obsessed with this idea that Trump is some kind of hyper-masculine ubermensch who excels in all physical and mental categories because they can’t get themselves to admit the simple and obvious fact that he’s an elderly, obese man with poor fitness habits and an aversion to wearing masks.

Beyond the pathetic nature of this absurd hero worship, such commentary is deeply insulting to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have died from COVID-19 or found themselves inflicted with chronic health problems or disabilities due to the virus. These people didn’t suffer and in some cases die because they’re somehow weaker than Trump. They died because their government, led by Trump, misled them about the risks of the coronavirus. They died because Republicans are working around the clock to gut our healthcare system and they didn’t have access to the kind of doctors and healthcare that Trump has access to.

How many of these people would have survived if they too had a private suite at Walter Reed Hospital, the world’s best doctors doting on them around the clock, and a steady stream of expensive medications pumped into them without concern for the cost? Trump’s recklessness and flagrant irresponsibility landed him in the hospital. Receiving medical care that most people could only dream of is what will get him out.

On Twitter today, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), one of Trump’s most reliably obsequious little minions, took the right-wing’s stomach-churning rhetoric about Trump’s physical prowess to a pathetic new low. He blasted out what he presumably thought was a flattering joke about the president and said that Trump “won’t have to recover from COVID” and that “COVID will have to recover from President Trump,” tossing in a #MAGA for a little extra brown-nosing oomph.

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The tweet is nonsensical in addition to being embarrassingly fawning. It’s obviously hyperbolic but it trades on a presumption that Gaetz’s audience genuinely thinks Trump has an underlying, unique strength in the face of the virus. It’s as childish as it is deluded and just the latest tweet from Gaetz showing how desperate he is for the president’s attention and approval. This is a man who has devoted himself to a corrupt, cruel, cryptofascist in his mercenary pursuit of power. The sooner the Congressman is voted out of office, the safer all of us will be.

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Twitter users, many of whom are by now well aware of Gaetz and his frequently odious messaging, swarmed him with mockery. Check out some of the best dunks below.

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