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CNN’s Jake Tapper rips Trump for ridiculous maskless strongman balcony stunt

CNN’s Jake Tapper rips Trump for ridiculous maskless strongman balcony stunt

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It must be the steroids.

The side effects of the Dexamethasone that Donald Trump was given during his too brief stay at the Walter Reed Medical Center include aggression, agitation, insomnia, irritability, mental depression, mood changes, and trouble thinking, speaking, or walking.

That may help explain the decision by the Trump campaign to release this banana republic-style video of the dear leader triumphantly returning to the White House in his official helicopter while a bombastic musical score plays and culminating in an Eva Peron-like appearance on the balcony saluting the departing helicopter filled with armed forces personnel who just risked their own health by ferrying the COVID-19-shedding president back to what will hopefully be his home for only a short time more.

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CNN’s Jake Tapper saw the quickly produced propaganda — so tonally reminiscent of the iconographic films that Leni Riefenstahl directed for Adolph Hitler’s benefit during World War II, if less artfully crafted — and couldn’t help but reply with his own Rotten Tomatoes-style review of the short film.

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One must congratulate Jake Tapper for seeing through the “cinematic flourishes” to the essential reality of what the video portrays: a sick president — in any sense of the word sick that you choose — foolishly ignoring yet again the advice of the nation’s top scientists and medical experts and selfishly ignoring the health and safety of others for his own benefit.

Let’s hope that the vast majority of the electorate are able to see through the grandiose music and banal images of false patriotism and will soundly reject this steroid-laden and delusional president at the ballot box in a few short weeks.

That is if a coronavirus relapse doesn’t get him first.

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