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Republican tax collector who Matt Gaetz urged to run for Congress accused of child sex trafficking

Republican tax collector who Matt Gaetz urged to run for Congress accused of child sex trafficking

The Republican Party has fallen into such a profound stay of disgrace and disrepute with the ascension of Donald Trump and their collective, full-throated embrace of kleptocracy, white-nationalism, and authoritarianism that a deeply suspicious eye must be cast on anyone running for office right now with an (R) beside their name. Such skepticism should be applied twofold to any candidates who secure the endorsement of the president or any of the minions orbiting in his inner circle.

Fox News reports that a particularly disturbing story has emerged concerning the Republican tax collector in Seminole County, Florida.  Joel Greenberg has been accused by federal prosecutors of paying for sex with an underage girl and exploiting the state’s motor vehicle database for individuals with whom he was carrying on “sugar daddy” relationships. Greenberg, who resigned in June, allegedly engaged in sex trafficking with a girl between the age of 14 and 17 over the course of six months in 2017. He has denied the charges.

Greenberg was previously accused of stalking a political opponent, stealing their identity, as well as exploiting his office to make fake drivers licenses.

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While this might seem like just another Republican sex criminal, Greenberg is of special note because he was urged to pursue a Congressional run in 2017 by President Trump’s favorite Congressional lapdog Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). Previously, Gaetz said during an interview with WFLA that Joel had the best chance of defeating Democratic candidate Stephanie Murphy in Florida’s 7th Congressional District. While Greenberg ultimately didn’t run and Murphy won the seat, Greenberg stated that he received an outpouring of people encouraging him to run after the Gaetz interview aired.

In short, Greenberg is exactly the kind of creature you’d expect a vile individual like Matt Gaetz to associate with. Birds of a feather flock together and right now the GOP is little more than a flock of vultures. Presumably, the Congressman is no longer too thrilled about the photographs he took with Greenberg. Then again, perhaps he sees hanging out with pedophiles as a way of mimicking his role model Donald Trump.

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