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Stock market immediately plunges after Trump attacks Nancy Pelosi over stimulus talks

Stock market immediately plunges after Trump attacks Nancy Pelosi over stimulus talks

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Perhaps feeling like his remission from COVID-19 symptoms means that the coronavirus is defeated, Donald Trump decided to call a halt to negotiations with Democrats over finally passing a second financial stimulus bill to prevent a further weakening of the pandemic-damaged American economy.

Wall Street let him know immediately how they felt about that idea by sending the Dow Jones industrial average plummeting.

The S&P 500 index took an equally steep drop at the news that Trump and his Republican cronies would continue to withhold aid to families struggling with the economic effects of the pandemic while continuing to fail to do anything to prevent the COVID-19 virus from continuing to spread at alarming rates.

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After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ushered the passage of a $2.2 trillion relief bill in the House of Representatives last week — already a steep decline from the over $3 trillion proposal that they initially sought to enact — the Trump administration countered with a measly offer of $1.6 trillion.

Filled with steroids provided by his doctors at Walter Reed Medical Center that have the known side effect of clouding a patient’s judgment, Trump announced his market-tanking decision to call off negotiations with the Democrats in a series of tweets that provided proof that Republicans care more about confirming the nomination of a right-wing extremist to the Supreme Court than they do about the economic well-being of the average American citizen.

Sorry, Donald, but no one believes a word you say at this point, much less empty promises about what you will do after your supposed re-election, particularly when each new day shows you falling further and further behind in the polling.

Reaction to Trump’s tweets extended far beyond the stock ticker, with some people speculating that the notoriously ethics-free president had shorted the market before making his announcement.

Others focused on the effect that the failure to pass a stimulus bill has been having on state and local governments across the country.

Many saw Trump’s latest move as an example of his incompetency, political or otherwise.

Then there were those who simply attributed his decision to the president’s inherently poor character.

As much as we may like presidents who don’t get COVID-19, the few, too short, nicely quiet days when Trump was in the hospital were preferable to the “roid rage” and mania that he’s exhibiting now.  Trump is even making “sleepy” an attractive adjective to describe a president as by comparison.

We can regain the serenity of a Trumpless White House if we only get out and vote and make sure that every single person we know does so as well. Do it as soon as your state allows you to.

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