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Trump advisor curses out reporters for catching him wearing a mask

Trump advisor curses out reporters for catching him wearing a mask

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Things are looking grim for the Trump White House. The president is spending his time recovering from COVID-19 tweeting nonstop like a deranged old man, possibly in an altered state from some kind of drug cocktail. The fact that we don’t know for sure what’s going on with him is due to the usual aversion to transparency and fondness for mendacity that has characterized this administration since day one.

Trump’s base incompetency at governing is now being exacerbated by his illness and he seems incapable of making a political move that doesn’t backfire in his face. His announcement yesterday that he will be scuttling stimulus talks with the Democrats until after the election, even as Americans go hungry and die from the pandemic, is a prime example of how completely broken his political instincts are.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is pulling even further ahead in the polls. It looks like—barring some incredible development—the vice president stands a great chance of winning the presidency next month. The public’s faith in President Trump (what little there was to begin with) has been perhaps irreparably damaged by his botching of the coronavirus outbreak, a historic failure which was only underlined by his own contracting of the virus. The Trump team is in desperate need of a drastic pivot in not only campaign strategy but general rhetoric.

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Instead, it looks like the administration intends to double down on its toxic behavior. Trump made headlines by ripping his mask off immediately after returning to the White House, sending a clear signal that he has no intention of adjusting his messaging on COVID-19. In addition to setting terrible examples, it appears Trump’s lackeys plan on maintaining the same ignorant belligerence they’ve long displayed.

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According to Politico’s Meridith McGraw, Trump’s assistant and Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro walked by members of the press dressed in a mask and workout gear today. When some of the photographers snapped pictures of him he yelled that they were “assholes.”

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The mix of embarrassment at being seen taking necessary safety precautions wed with the incredible hostility to the press is a perfect distillation of everything wrong with this White House. It may seem like a small thing, but it’s indicative of the much larger problems. Hopefully, we’ll soon be rid of all of these monsters and competent adults will once again be governing at 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue.

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