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Trump issues manic all-caps tirade after watching conspiracy video from “Girl Bot”

Trump issues manic all-caps tirade after watching conspiracy video from “Girl Bot”

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If there is anyone left in the Trump administration who somehow still cares about the president’s political future they need to speak up right now and tell him to stop tweeting. Since dragging his coronavirus-infested body back to the White House from Walter Reed Medical Center, the commander-in-chief has been on a nonstop Twitter binge.

Whether it’s because the virus is clouding his mind, or because the doctors have possibly pumped him full of powerful drugs, or simply because he knows his reelection chances are tanking is unclear. What is clear is that every new tweet he blasts out reinforces the idea that the man is completely unhinged and undeniably unfit for office. His caps lock must be screaming for mercy at this point and yet he shows no signs of stopping.

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In addition to the usual victimhood narrative and self-pitying whining we’ve come to expect from this deeply pathetic man, Trump is also slinging out barely coherent references to some of his favorite conspiracy theories.

Typing in all capital letters, he retweeted a poorly made video from a Twitter account named “Girl Bot” and penned a message claiming that “THE BIGGEST OF ALL POLITICAL SCANDALS (IN HISTORY!!!” is the thoroughly debunked Spygate fantasy which alleges that the Obama administration abused its federal powers to sabotage the 2016 election. In reality, federal agents were simply investigating the numerous and disturbing connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

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Trump, still using all caps, attacked Biden, Obama, and “CROOKED HILLARY” in his tweet and accused them of engaging in a “TREASONOUS PLOT.” He ended by claiming that Biden, who is now thoroughly drubbing him in the polls, “SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO RUN.”

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It’s the desperate plea of a man staring down defeat, but it’s unlikely to strike a chord with anyone who doesn’t already own a MAGA hat. The president is unraveling before our very eyes and as he does it seems his only strategy is to sink further and further into a fever swamp of right-wing paranoia.

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