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Highly aggravated Trump goes off the rails in unhinged Fox interview

Highly aggravated Trump goes off the rails in unhinged Fox interview

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Since returning to the White House from his COVID-19 hospitalization at Walter Reed, President Trump’s behavior has been what can most generously be described as extremely erratic.

The administration has been incredibly opaque about his health since he first contracted the virus and their continued lack of transparency has fueled all manner of speculation. His Twitter behavior in recent days—consisting of nonstop, largely incoherent, all caps rants—has done little to alleviate the concerns that the coronavirus or perhaps some kind of drug cocktail being administered by his doctors has clouded Trump’s already barely-functioning mind.

The president’s call into Fox News this morning only served to exacerbate the perception that he might be in some kind of altered state. Voice still sounding a little strained, Trump started his conversation with Maria Bartiromo by whining about the suggestion that the next presidential debate should be a virtual one.

Clearly, he has learned nothing from his own contraction of COVID-19 and still sees no reason to implement proper safety precautions. Given his well-documented sociopathic behavior, one can’t help but consider the possibility that he’s secretly hoping that Joe Biden catches the virus.

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From there, Trump moved on to a truly confusing discussion of fracking. He has repeatedly claimed that Joe Biden wants to ban fracking outright and overnight, which is a lie. The president rambled on and on and at times it wasn’t clear what he was trying to say. He brought up a recent NBC Town Hall with Biden and Lester Holt, saying it was “meant for a child, it wasn’t meant for a grown person.”

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“He gets up and he says we’re not fracking. We’re not fracking. He was fracking, for six months he was fracking. He was raising his very thing hand and he was fracking,” Trump said, struggling to string together a coherent thought on the topic.

“And now all of a sudden he’s not fracking? Well, tell the Pennsylvania people that you’re going… It’s ridiculous!” he went on, still struggling to keep his train of thought. “He said he’s not fracking. That’s all he said! And then all of a sudden he goes to a fracking mode. And how about her? She committed her life to it. And all of a sudden she’s a fracker, she’s a big fracker. They’re gonna stop fracking the minute they get into office. They’re lying to everybody, they’re lying about so many things.”

These are not the words of a man in good enough shape to be calling into a television studio for a nationally broadcast interview.

The interview didn’t improve from there. Trump incorrectly stated that if you catch and survive COVID-19 you immediately become immune to the virus. He claimed to no longer be contagious and at one point made the bizarre claim that China put a “curse” on the United States. The president has frequently tried to place all of the blame for the pandemic on China, conveniently whitewashing his own failure to act sooner in the process.

One of the most uncomfortable moments in the interview came as Bartiromo was trying to end the conversation and get the president off the line. Rather than take the cue and say his farewell, Trump began ranting about how Hillary Clinton needs to be indicted.

The lengthy interview took a turn for the pathetic when the subject of polling came up. Trump has been trailing Biden by an increasingly large margin, but the infamously thin-skinned president’s ego won’t allow him to admit it. Trump repeatedly said that he doesn’t “believe” the polls and insisted he has widespread support.

“They have a boat thing that they have 5000 boats. They have thousands of trucks all over the country. I don’t believe the polls,” said Trump, somehow trying to convince himself that a few thousand supporters are enough to secure him an electoral victory in a country with a population of over 330 million people.

Listen to this clip and the rest of the interview and then ask yourself if this man seems to be in a mental state to be running the most powerful country in the world. The answer is obvious. This November, vote for Joe Biden.

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