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Trump sparks mockery with bizarre video about how we didn’t know he’s a “senior”

Trump sparks mockery with bizarre video about how we didn’t know he’s a “senior”

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The president’s bizarre post-Walter Reed behavior shows no signs of normalizing. Since returning to the White House with his COVID-19 infection, Trump has spent his time composing rambling Twitter rants and calling into Fox News to deliver confusing rants. While this man has never been normal in any real sense of the world, it seems that something has changed in his demeanor and behavior.

Trump appears to be more abrasive and scatterbrained than usual, raising questions as to whether or not he should still be in the hospital recuperating. Given the way he’s acting, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the virus itself or possibly the steroids administered to combat the coronavirus are in fact altering his mind.

Earlier today, he released a truly weird video of himself standing on the White House lawn. In what appeared to be a largely unscripted monologue, the president babbled to senior citizens, who he called his “favorite people in the world.” If the topic seems odd at first, one need only look at the recent polls showing Biden crushing Trump with senior votings.

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“I’m a senior, I know you don’t know that. Nobody knows that. Maybe you don’t have to tell them but I’m a senior,” said Trump, who is 74 years old.

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The president then fumbled his way through his usual talking points on the pandemic: blaming China, promising miracle cures for the virus, and bragging about his government’s response to the outbreak.

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“We’re taking care of our seniors. You’re not vulnerable but they like to say “the vulnerable” but you’re the least vulnerable but for this one thing you are vulnerable and so am I,” Trump said, repeatedly contradicting himself like a confused old man.

The rest of the video was every bit as circuitous as Trump struggled in real-time to concoct a coherent message, jumping from bragging about himself to attacking Joe Biden. When you watch the clip, you can almost see his brain coughing and churning inside his head as he stumbles from one thought to the next without stopping.

Not surprisingly, the Twitter reaction to the deeply weird video was a mix of mockery and anger.

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