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Trump stuns by urging Justice Brett Kavanaugh to sue his alleged victims

Trump stuns by urging Justice Brett Kavanaugh to sue his alleged victims

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Just when you thought it was over, he pulls us back in, to paraphrase Al Pacino in The Godfather Part III.

Yes, we thought that when Donald Trump posted this tweet:

that we’d have a nice quiet afternoon free of social media outbursts from the truth-challenged president, but alas it was not to be.

The internet connectivity capabilities of Air Force One mean that there is no respite for a public weary of Trump’s bothersome bleating.

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With a faltering campaign sidelined for a week by a candidate overcoming the coronavirus in his body that he couldn’t effectively fight across the rest of the nation, Trump had Democrats to insult, lies to tell, and psychological flaws to project upon his opponent.

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First, however, there was a Democratic governor that he despises for the president to attack.

While Trump is the last person in this nation who should accuse anyone of failures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly as he is likely still contagious with the disease himself as he flies to another potential superspreader event, the temptation to attack New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proved too alluring to for him skip.

While many mistakes were made in the early days of the pandemic when little was known about the coronavirus rapidly spreading through the country, Governor Cuomo’s missteps were minor compared to Trump’s colossal screwups on the larger American stage and New York has managed to mostly tamp down the worst of the pandemic since then, unlike those GOP-controlled states that politicized the wearing of personal protective equipment in everyday life.

As a bible verse that Trump’s evangelical supporters could familiarize the president with says: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Trump soon moved on to the topic of Supreme Court nominees with his comments on a retweet from the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee.

Reviving unjustified criticism of Democratic efforts to get a full investigation of the sexual assault accusations lodged against his last nominee, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Trump shows his litigious side.

No matter that the GOP blocked access to documents that could have shown that Kavanaugh had committed perjury in his testimony before Congress or that Trump forced the FBI to conduct only the most cursory and incomplete investigations of the accusations against him, it was the Democrats who were at fault.

In fact, Trump’s suggestion that Kavanaugh sues his accusers is not something we’re ever likely to see as the rules of legal discovery would allow the lawyers for the accusers access to documents and sworn testimony that may be more damning for the now-confirmed Justice than any of the limited information allowed at his confirmation hearings.

Trump here is merely advising Kavanaugh to employ the same techniques that the president himself has used to hold off the multiple women who have accused him of sexual assault and rape: bury them in legal complaints until the suits slow to a crawl and the electorate forgets about them.

Of course, with an election at stake, Trump soon returned to posting defamatory tweets about his presidential rival Joe Biden.

It’s amazing that Trump continues to use the “Sleepy Joe” sobriquet for his Democratic opponent, especially since Biden’s calm demeanor is a potent selling point to voters now nauseated by Trump’s recent steroid-fueled hyperactive antics.

Whoever amongst Trump’s advisors thought that attacking his rival on mental acuity — when the president himself continually rants incoherently on topics he has no knowledge of whatsoever and displays the mental maturity of a two-year-old — should be applauded by Democrats for helping further sink Trump’s re-election bid.

Perhaps, Democratic supporters are simply smart enough to avoid public rallies during a pandemic, unlike the president’s own witless following.

Next, the president who just days ago swore to hold off on any pandemic stimulus package until after the election, now tweeted that his party should be working on just such a package as their top priority.

Nothing like consistency and stability for this president.

Still, the presidential patient who is lucky to still be alive given his obvious physical comorbidities — thanks to government-funded medical care that few of the rest of us enjoy — devoted his next tweet to arguing for doing something that is likely to inspire a second  (or third) wave of COVID-19 deaths.

No! Lockdowns aren’t killing people, the virus is!

One wants to shout it at one’s computer screen, but we’re all better off simply voting for Joe Biden and ridding the nation of this scourge of a president.

The light is finally visible at the end of the tunnel, but we must continue struggling until we reach the end of this misbegotten presidency and begin to restore our nation’s shared values.

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