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Trump’s Chief of Staff throws a fit over having to wear a mask with reporters and storms off

Trump’s Chief of Staff throws a fit over having to wear a mask with reporters and storms off

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The White House has lost every last scrap of credibility it may have once had when discussing COVID-19. After completely botching the federal response to the pandemic thanks to their incompetent president, Republican officials decided to lean into the idea of downplaying the virus, refusing to consistently use masks or practice social distancing.

As a result of their gross negligence, the Rose Garden event that the GOP hosted last month to announce the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett turned into a “superspreader” event with the president, First Lady Melania, and numerous members of the White House inner circle contracting coronavirus. One struggles to imagine a more perfect encapsulation of this administration’s idiocy. How could anyone have ever expected these goons to protect the country from COVID-19? They can’t even protect themselves.

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After such a deeply embarrassing display of their ineptitude, it would have made sense for Republicans to change course and adopt a healthier, saner approach to the pandemic. Instead, some of them are doubling down on their reckless behavior.

Earlier today, White House Chief Mark Meadows was stopped by reporters. He stepped back to gain some social distance and then immediately removed his mask. When the reporters responded with alarm, Meadows acted as if they were being ridiculous and said he was “more than ten feet away.” He then pulled his mask on and stormed off.

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“I’m not going to talk through a mask,” Meadows said as he blew past. “I’ll be glad to answer your questions…” he trailed off while walking away and decidedly not answering questions. The entire thing was an embarrassing little performance on his part, an attempt to make COVID-19 concerns seem silly that hewed closely to how his boss has acted in the past. It would have been a simple matter to keep the mask on to alleviate the reporters’ concerns but Meadows chose instead to grandstand. These are not serious people and it’s time we get some adults back in the White House to handle this pandemic.

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