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Trump spitefully torpedoes Susan Collins’ re-election chances with vengeful tweet

Trump spitefully torpedoes Susan Collins’ re-election chances with vengeful tweet

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On Friday morning, President Trump tore into vulnerable Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) for indicating that she would not be voting in favor of his latest Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.

Declaring that she was “not worth the work,” the president’s preference for petty vengeance once again triumphed over the strategic needs of the Republican Party. Collins is facing her toughest re-election battle yet from Maine’s Democratic Speaker of the House, Sara Gideon, who has seized a consistent lead in the polls as Election Day draws closer.

Trump’s rebuke will likely encourage his diehard supporters in Maine to not vote for her as punishment for angering the Great Leader, putting a crucial Senate seat within Democrat reach and helping the opposition finally retake the Senate after ten long years of domination by Mitch McConnell and his fellow extremists.

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Collins made the fatal mistake of attempting to both support the president and maintain her veneer as an “iNdEPenDenT RePubLicAn,” which in practice has means waxing poetic about her concerns before dutifully voting for whatever Trump and McConnell want her to. Her decision to vote for credibly accused sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination was a tipping point for Maine’s independent-minded voters, among whom President Trump is very unpopular.

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As the vote for yet another Supreme Court Justice looms on the horizon, Collins is desperately trying to appeal to voters by refusing to vote for Amy Coney Barrett on the grounds that it’s too close to the election, inevitably sparking a vicious backlash from a president who is infamous for never letting any slight go unpunished.

Now the president’s decision to put her on his list of enemies hopefully will be the nail in her political coffin.

You can share how concerned you are about Susan Collins’ re-election at Sarah Gideon’s ActBlue page.

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