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Trump’s former Chief of Staff trashes him to friends, says he’s the “most flawed person” he’s ever met

Trump’s former Chief of Staff trashes him to friends, says he’s the “most flawed person” he’s ever met

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Since day one of this national nightmare, the Trump White House has drawn attention for the remarkable turnover rate amongst its senior administration officials. Some have been fired by the president for upsetting his delicate ego while others have resigned after seeing the way in which Trump repeatedly puts his own interests over the American people. Many have gone on to reveal the chaotic inner workings of this White House, painting deeply unflattering portraits of an ignorant, incompetent president in way over his head.

With the election only a few weeks away, CNN is airing a special this Sunday billed as a “warning” from some of these former Trump officials. On Twitter today, CNN’s Jake Tapper offered a sneak preview of some of the content included in the special and if it’s any indication of what’s to come this weekend the president has cause for concern.

Tapper revealed that former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has confided in friends that the “depths of [Trump’s] dishonesty” astounds him. Offering a description in perfect keeping with the quality of character most of us ascribe to Donald Trump by now, Kelly added that “every relationship” is “transactional” which he finds “pathetic.”

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“He is the most flawed person I have ever met in my life,” said Kelly, who has publicly sided against the president numerous times since leaving his service, inviting the ire of Trump himself on some occasions.

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While Kelly’s assessment is almost certainly correct, it doesn’t go quite far enough. “Flawed” implies that Donald Trump possesses some positive traits buried within him, that there is some part of him that isn’t wholly rotten and psychopathic. That’s simply not the case. Trump is an unadulterated monster, a man who runs on hatred, cruelty, and egomania. He’s not “flawed,” he’s irredeemable to his core.

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More importantly, it’s not enough for Kelly to simply confide his feelings about Trump to his friends. Kelly has a moral responsibility to his country to come out forcefully and tell the American people what he knows. If he thinks this president is unfit for office he should say so in no uncertain terms. Silence is cowardice and cowardice in this case pushes our country closer and closer towards irreparable ruin. History is watching.

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