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Trump lashes out at Republican Senator after audio leaks of him dissing the president

Trump lashes out at Republican Senator after audio leaks of him dissing the president

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President Trump kicked off his Saturday morning with yet another vengeful attack on a disloyal Republican Senator, this time taking aim at Nebraska’s Ben Sasse.

For once, his victim actually deserved it. Sasse trashed Trump to his constituents in leaked recordings, complaining to them behind closed doors that the President “kissed the butts of dictators,” was a “TV-obsessed narcissist” and “mocked evangelicals.” While all of this might be true, we’ve known all that for quite a long time, and as a United States Senator, there are many things that he could have actually done to express his displeasure with the President — like not voting in support of nearly his entire agenda.

Recycling his moniker for Adam Schiff, Trump mocked “little” Ben Sasse for being “stupid and obnoxious” and trashed him as a liability to the Republican Party and an “embarrassment” to Nebraska.

Trump’s rebuke of Sasse comes hot on the heels of his attack on fellow Republican Senator Susan Collins, who is desperately attempting to save her political career by voting against Trump’s latest Supreme Court nominee in a last-ditch appeal to independent Mainers. Unlike Collins, however, Sasse is in little danger of losing re-election to Democratic challenger Chris Janicek.

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Sasse’s Trump backstab highlights the craven hypocrisy of the so-called “principled Republicans” who claim to oppose the president but support him and his agenda with their votes. Ben Sasse has voted with the president 86% of the time and most recently squandered his time interviewing SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett by complaining about the Houston Astros cheating scandal and then embarking on a needlessly drawn-out baseball metaphor.

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He absolutely is an embarrassment and truly does not what it have to be great.



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