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Reporters reveal Trump threw a tantrum and walked out of Tuesday’s 60 Minutes interview

Reporters reveal Trump threw a tantrum and walked out of Tuesday’s 60 Minutes interview

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President Trump and his supporters like to pretend he’s some five-dimensional chess genius, but in reality, he wears his heart on his proverbial sleeve — and by sleeve, we mean Twitter account. The president took to the internet late on Tuesday afternoon and shared a video of 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl not wearing a mask in an extremely weird and ineffective attempt to mask-shame the veteran reporter after their interview together.

The president might as well have tweeted out “MY INTERVIEW WAS TERRIBLE AND I HATED IT BECAUSE STAHL MADE ME LOOK LIKE A FOOL AND ANSWER QUESTIONS I HATED” for all the subtlety this message conveys.

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Why else would he be desperately seeking for anything to lash out with just minutes after the conclusion of the interview? Especially on the issue of mask-wearing, which the president was a vocal opponent of until he caught the COVID-19 virus a few weeks ago!

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Reporters quickly confirmed that yes, the president had thrown a tantrum and walked out.

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One of the most embarrassing and really just sad aspects of the Donald Trump presidency is his irrepressible need for adulation from his cheerleaders in the right-wing media machine and his complete inability to tolerate any kind of concentrated questioning from non-sycophantic reporters, reacting with a fit of rage at the merest suggestion that anything he’s done might not be the most perfect political act humanity has ever known.

Social media immediately began hammering the president for being such a sensitive snowflake:

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