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Don Jr. ridiculed for saying he worked his way up in father’s company while attacking Hunter Biden

Don Jr. ridiculed for saying he worked his way up in father’s company while attacking Hunter Biden

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We’re in the final days of the election cycle and the Trump campaign has run dry on ammunition to lob at Joe Biden. President Trump has no accomplishments to stand on and no real lines of attack on the accomplished former vice president.

When it comes to the issues, Biden beats Trump handily on everything from healthcare to national security. Biden is offering an agenda that prioritizes the welfare and safety of the American people while Trump has no interest in benefitting anyone but his own family and his plutocratic backers.

Since they have no convincing way to go after Biden himself, the Republicans have decided to instead attack his family, targeting his son Hunter with a shameful smear campaign. With disgraced former mayor turned hatchetman for Trump Rudy Giuliani leading the charge, the GOP has concocted an opaque and convoluted conspiracy theory that alleges some kind of corrupt business dealings conducted by Hunter in Ukraine or maybe China. The entire fabricated narrative reeks of desperation and seems unlikely to convince anyone who wasn’t already a dyed-in-the-wool MAGAhead.

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Ironically, Donald Trump Jr. is one of the most outspoken peddlers of the Hunter Biden aspersions. Today, the buffoonish First Son claimed on Twitter that his father gave him an “opportunity” but that he had to “work” his way up the company.

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“Joe gave his son China,” he added, conjuring up the absurd image of Joe Biden handing Hunter the 3.7 million square mile Sino-juggernaut to Hunter on a silver platter. Tellingly, he didn’t provide any evidence or details with his accusation.

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You read that right. Donald Trump Junior, a man whose entire public platform and career are results of the most toxic, blatant nepotism imaginable is accusing someone else of benefitting from family connections. Were it not for his father, nobody on this planet would know who Don Jr. was and those who did would likely steer clear of him. Everything he has he owes to his father who in turn owes his entire criminal empire to his father.

The hypocrisy could not be any more obvious and Twitter was quick to unleash a savage barrage of mockery on the First Son.

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