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MSNBC host Hallie Jackson boots Trump lackey off her show for promoting election lies

MSNBC host Hallie Jackson boots Trump lackey off her show for promoting election lies

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Trump’s reelection campaign is in freefall. Between his botched handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his increasingly erratic behavior, the president has pushed more and more voters towards Joe Biden, to the point where the former vice president now enjoys a formidable polling lead on Trump.

Desperate for anything to hit Biden with, the right-wing media machine is trying in vain to generate scandal around Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s son. They know they have nothing on Joe so they’re stooping to smearing his family. The strategy is proving as ineffective as it is pathetic.

Outside of this last-ditch Hunter blitz, Trump and his surrogates clearly have no plan to dig themselves out of their current electoral hole. This administration has no substantive accomplishments to run on and a man inarguably unfit for office at the top of their ticket, so they’re forced to rely on the only trick they have left in their bag: shameless lying.

Earlier today, Press Secretary for the Trump reelection campaign Hogan Gidley appeared on MSNBC hoping to spread some of the blatant misinformation he’s come to be known for peddling. MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson asked Gidley if the campaign intends to “back off” from Trump’s false claims about voting security and voter fraud.

“You can’t deny what you’ve seen on television in all of these local markets where people are finding ballots in trash cans. People are finding ballots in ditches, in the backs of trucks,” said Gidley.

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“There is no widespread evidence of voter fraud Hogan. You know that. I don’t want to have to rehash this conversation. I’m asking if the president is going to have to back of those claims. If you can’t answer that that’s fine we can move on but just answer the question,” said Jackson, clearly unwilling to tolerate Gidley’s lies.

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“I’m answering the question because the fact is it does occur,” Gidley insisted. “Listen I received a ballot just the other day in my apartment from someone who hasn’t lived here in ten years.”

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“You’re spreading more information that is inaccurate Hogan. There is not widespread evidence of voter fraud,” Jackson interjected. “Okay well we’re going to move on then because that is… My other question is this: Before I let you go Hogan, does the president have confidence in Director Wray?”

Hogan tried to talk over her. “Oh, Hallie that, no, no, no, Hallie, Hallie, Hallie, don’t pretend like… Your local markets, NBC affiliates are reporting on this in all types of areas across this country. This is rampant. Everyone sees that.”

“Hogan! The FBI Director himself specifically within the last 12 hours said on national television across every network that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud,” Jackson said. “Somebody who is a part of the Trump administration’s own intelligence expert field Hogan. That’s not coming from me, that’s coming from Wray. Does the president have confidence in his FBI Director? Yes or no?”

“The president has confidence that the American people want a free and fair election. That’s what he’s been pushing for this entire time,” said Hogan, refusing the answer the question. “That’s why he set up the federal government to work with the states to get interference out of our election cycle. It was Barack Obama and Joe Biden who knew Russia was going to interfere and did nothing–” Gidley went on, devolving into full-blown conspiracy-mongering.

“Nope? Okay I guess there’s no answer to that question then,” said Jackson as Gidley continued to rant. “Hogan Gidley we’ll leave it there. Hogan thank you. I appreciate you coming on on a day when we are obviously looking ahead to an important evening here in this presidential race. Hogan Gidley, national press secretary for the Trump campaign,” she went on, cutting the interview short.

Watch Gidley’s embarrassing performance below.

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