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Prominent Trumper sparks outrage after trying to smear Biden for kissing his son

Prominent Trumper sparks outrage after trying to smear Biden for kissing his son

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One trait that pops up again and again in the most diehard supporters of Donald Trump is a profound lack of empathy. They seem to be specifically drawn to this president because of his penchant for gleeful cruelty rather than in spite of it. It’s as if something fundamental is missing in these people that makes them want to lash out at the world and President Trump has allowed them to extend the reach of that lashing globally. Their rationale seems to be if they can’t be happy, nobody can.

For prominent Trump supporter and right-wing media figure John Cardillo, healthy and loving father/son relationships seems to be his trigger. Last night, Cardillo shared a moving picture of Joe Biden embracing his son Hunter—the target of a recent barrage of far-right lies and character assassination attempts—and kissing him on the cheek. To any normal, functioning adult the picture is a beautiful one, a portrait of a father who supports and treasures his son despite any personal issues he may have had in the past.

To Cardillo, the image is upsetting. “Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?” he captioned the picture, implying some kind of gross subtext that would only occur to someone unfamiliar with affection. What exactly Cardillo thinks an “appropriate” interaction between a father and son looks like is anyone’s guess, but presumably he prefers the Donald Trump brand of parenting: neglect and abuse.

Almost immediately after posting his ill-advised tweet, Cardillo found himself the target of viral mockery and backlash, as Twitter users swarmed him with satirical facsimiles of his tweet, swapping out the photo of Hunter and Joe with all manner of funny “father/son interactions.” Clearly, Cardillo should invest less time in Twitter and more in therapy.

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