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Trump accidentally owns himself by releasing video of him melting down in 60 Minutes interview

Trump accidentally owns himself by releasing video of him melting down in 60 Minutes interview

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On Thursday morning, the president finally followed through on his incessant threats to post segments of his interview with 60 Minutes reporter Lesley Stahl. In a tweet linking to a Facebook video, the president demanded that the world looks upon the “bias, hatred, and rudeness” of 60 Minutes — but all they would see is a cranky old man complaining that he wasn’t okay with “tough questions.”

It is just the latest in a series of spectacular self-owns by the president, who is really losing his touch as his desperation grows. His very forced and clumsy three-day feud with 60 Minutes has accomplished nothing but make him look like a weak loser who can’t stand to answer a few questions from a reporter who isn’t falling over themselves to lick his boots.

It began with him storming out of the interview before it was over, followed up by Twitter threats and the release of some photographs that proved his enormous book of “healthcare accomplishments” was in fact entirely blank, and now culminates in the release of a video where a low-energy Trump complains that “you don’t ask Biden any tough questions!” like a child who is complaining about having to do the dishes.

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Like the laughable and ineffective last-ditch Rudy Giuliani smear campaign against Hunter Biden that simply highlighted that Joe Biden is a good father who supported his son during his struggles with addiction, this entire “feud” is nothing but lazy and artificial kabuki theater that, like the Hunter laptop “scandal,” has nothing behind it but the hope that going through the motions will suffice in lieu of anything actually substantive.

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While the President has complained mightily about how mean Lesley Stahl was to him, he still hasn’t produced anything resembling evidence of that beyond this clip and his obviously unreasonable outrage at having to actually answer questions of substance from the “fake news media.”

A second clip he released shows Stahl asking him about the irresponsibility of holding huge rallies while the coronavirus pandemic rages, which still is killing over a thousand Americans every day, and Trump responding by whining that she’s being “too negative” and insults her.

Again, it is difficult to understand how this is supposed to make him look good in any way, shape or form. It’s clear that Trump has drunk far too much of his own Kool-Aid and has convinced himself that all he needs to do to win is feed his victimhood complex and sense of self-superiority, completely blind to the way this makes him look to the rest of the country who is not also hitting said Kool-Aid bowl.

If he’s this mad about the questions in this interview, just imagine what he’s going to do the first time they mute him in the debate tonight.

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