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Trump’s Florida rally goes off the rails as he bizarrely rants about a bridge to Hawaii

Trump’s Florida rally goes off the rails as he bizarrely rants about a bridge to Hawaii

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Donald Trump threw a rally in The Villages in Florida today in a vain attempt to pump some life into his failing campaign. Joe Biden holds a formidable lead ahead of the president with less than ten days till the election. Barring some catastrophic event or mass voter complacency, it looks likely that the former vice president will soon become our 46th president. But Trump refuses to accept that likelihood, hence his continued commitment to throwing COVID-19 superspreader events.

Per usual, the president’s rally rhetoric was a heady connection of incoherence and mendacity, cooked up on demand for a screaming audience whose members long ago untethered themselves from reality and devoted themselves unquestioningly to their idiotic God-king.

At one point, while lying about the nature of Biden’s plan to gradually phase out fossil fuels, Trump directed his ire at Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI), referring to her as “that senator from Hawaii” and sarcastically “a beauty.”

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Trump attacked Hirono’s support for the Green New Deal and ludicrously claimed that she suggested “building a bridge to Hawaii” to cut back on emissions from airplane travel. The senator of course suggested no such thing, as a 3,758-mile bridge would be nothing less than the greatest architectural feat in human history.  The fact that Trump would make such a stupid claim shows you how little he thinks of his supporters’ intelligence. He’s convinced they’ll believe anything he says and unfortunately he’s often correct.

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The president wasn’t done lying there, and also made the ridiculous claim that Joe Biden would ban seniors from using air conditioning in the summer and indoor heating in the winter and allow “no electricity during peak hours.” As usual with Trump, the claims were conjured wholesale from the aether without a shred of truth to back them up. Lest anyone take him for anything less than the abject ignoramus he is, Trump then launched a fact-free attack on wind power.

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The rest of the rally was no better, as Trump railed against Biden for trying to “scare people” by talking about COVID-19 as if Trump’s monumental failure to curtail the outbreak and the resulting 200,000+ dead Americans wasn’t enough to scare them already. Today marked the highest number of new coronavirus cases in this country since the pandemic began. Trump has downplayed this virus since the beginning and continues to do so and that if nothing else should convince ever voter that this man has got to go.

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