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Social media rips on Ivanka Trump after she posts an anniversary tweet for hubby Jared Kushner

Social media rips on Ivanka Trump after she posts an anniversary tweet for hubby Jared Kushner

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Today marks the 11th anniversary of the marriage of presidential daughter Ivanka Trump to the scion of another wealthy New York real estate family, Jared Kushner.

To mark the occasion, Ivanka posted a Hallmark-style group of romantic couple pictures of Jared and herself accompanied by a suitably sappy anniversary message on her Twitter account.

One would think that the president’s daughter could have predicted the response that her post would get from Donald Trump’s social media detractors, but apparently, the prospect of being publicly ridiculed on her anniversary was not enough to stop Ivanka from expressing her eternal devotion to her partner (or partner-in-crime, as some responders reminded her).

Here’s a selection of some of the snarkiest replies to the saccharine anniversary post that the first daughter may now be beginning to regret.

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Many responders featured shots of the Time Square billboard featuring the happy couple that was put up recently by the Lincoln Project to bring attention to the first family’s complicity in the deaths of over 200 thousand Americans from the COVID-19 pandemic— a billboard that the couple’s lawyers have threatened to sue the anti-Trump Republican organization over if it is not taken down immediately.

Whether the billboard is removed from Times Square or not, hundreds of photos of it will live on forever in Ivanka’s Twitter feed.

Movie references were quite popular among the responders.

The theme of a future for the happy couple together in prison was also quite a popular theme among those who saw Ivanka’s tweet.

Suffice it to say that with only a few genuinely positive well-wishers expressing their congratulations to the Kushners as their marriage enters its second decade, the vast majority of people who reacted to Ivanka Trump’s post would rather see the couple leave the White House now, rather than having “forever to go.”

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