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Melania goes full Trump and bullies his enemies after complaining about setting bad examples for kids

Melania goes full Trump and bullies his enemies after complaining about setting bad examples for kids

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First Lady Melania Trump held a solo campaign rally today in Pennsylvania in an effort to boost her husband’s flagging poll numbers and ended up engaging in some of the most ludicrous hypocrisy and rank partisanship we’ve seen from her to date. Rather than striking a more moderate tone than her odious husband she chose instead to mimic his volcanic rhetoric, smearing Democrats and lobbing accusations devoid of not only truth but common sense.

Demonstrating all of the political insight of a tinfoil-hat wearing right-wing basement dweller, she accused the famously moderate Joe Biden of pushing for a “socialist agenda” and favorably referred to what her husband’s administration has allegedly “built” in the past few years. Presumably, she was not referring to the 220,000+ American deaths from COVID-19, the economic shambles we now find ourselves in because of Trump’s failed response to the pandemic, the methodical shredding of America’s global reputation, or the top-to-bottom corruption that this president has unleashed within our federal government.

Without a trace of irony, she accused Democrats of putting their agenda ahead of the “American people’s wellbeing,” a description which far more aptly describes the manner in which Donald Trump misled the public about COVID-19 in the hopes of salvaging his poll numbers and artificially propping up the economy. Doubling down on the absurdity, she accused Democrats of trying to create a “divide” in America, this after four years of her husband intentionally and repeatedly stoking racial divisions in this country for political gain.

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By far the worst part of the First Lady’s ignorant speech though was she brought up the children of America.

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“Children watching and learning about politics in our country deserve a better display of political responsibility,” she said, attacking the Democrats’ justified and righteous impeachment of President Trump after he tried to coerce a foreign nation into providing dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

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The idea that Melania and Donald care one iota about the kind of examples being set for children is rendered utterly preposterous by even the most cursory glance at the public record. Donald Trump is a crude, cruel boor who brags about sexual assault, lies every time he opens his mouth, and who regularly engages in the lowest form of petty insults. One can scarcely imagine a more execrable role model for children and Melania’s failure to acknowledge that reality constitutes a deep moral failing on her part. History will remember her not as a victim of Donald Trump, but a willing accomplice.

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